Saturday, December 15, 2007

Best Birthday Gift Ever

My Son-in-Law Eric (who knew of my love for the Mopar 225 ci. Slant 6 engine and my need for a spare vehicle), wheeled and dealed a way to get me one. A 1987 Dodge Ram Pick-up Truck, that he planned to give me for my birthday this year.
He had fixed up a riding lawnmower that he traded for the vehicle, but when he went to get the truck he was despondent over its condition. After being told that it ran good, the motor was in very bad shape, but the rest of it was in pretty good shape for that old of a vehicle.
My son Eric and his friend Chris were with him to bring the vehicle to my home after loading it on Chris’s trailer. And they decided to let me make the final decision on whether I still wanted it. After listening to my son-in-law Eric (a professional mechanic)and my son Eric (a trained mechanic) describe the condition and options of the vehicle, I was sure that I wanted it. Now all I had to do was convince my wife. After telling her what the boys said and told her that our Son-in-Law knew a guy that had a good motor and its price, and that I REALLY wanted that truck and all of the ways we could use it, she said yes.
Then they hauled it away to my son’s house to start working on it. And work on it they did. I am sure it involved a lot more than what I heard about. Well many weeks and a lot of work by all of the “boys” later, I finally got to drive My Truck for the first time. How do you describe HEAVEN? Just listening to the purr of the engine and ticking of the tappets on that “Sweet 6” puts me there. The truck handles GREAT. Oh it has its faults, but nothing that really matters. All but 2 of the vehicles I have owned over my life have been used, and each one had there own “personality”. But I LOVE MY TRUCK. I don’t get to drive it often because of the price of gas and its thirst for it, but I enjoy every moment behind the wheel.

So THANK-YOU (it just isn’t enough to describe the way I feel) to my Son-in-Law Eric (I Love Ya Kid), and Son Eric (for all of the extras and work you did on ANOTHER one of Dads Damn Mopars) and my Wife for all the extra costs that were involved and everyone else who had a hand at giving me the BEST Birthday Gift Ever.