Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Walk In The Woods

A few days ago we decided to give Ang a break and babysit the kids for the afternoon. It was such a nice day out that a walk in the woods was a must. However our dogs Harley & Bear simply refused to be left home alone, so they had to come along too. Of course we couldn't let them both run together so Wifey had to keep Harley on a leash.

There were many interesting things to see for everyone.
Aden and Bear got a little ways ahead.

When Ethan saw this he took off running to catch up but had a little stumble over a twig.

Here is a picture of our house from the woods.

An acorn from last fall that the deer and squirrels missed and some dried tree fungus.
Evidence of Hunters, hey, these don't belong together!!!

I guess I took too much time snapping photo's.

Oh Look, a creek to play in.....

and tree's to climb....

with a little help.

And more scenic beauty.

and a log to walk on.
And a Bear to catch....

and a Harley to run free....

Can you see why I sometimes call him "Smilin' Jack"?

This tree hugging got me to thinking about a certain blog

However, after Aden found out I asked her to do this to put in a blog for Warren she wasn't too happy about it. As a matter of fact she was devistated!

But before we headed back home Wifey grabbed the camea and took this picture of me admiring the scenery.

There were children present after all !!!
Jeez!!! I really was just admiring the view of Spring in the woods!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

T'was Easter at Grandpa & Grandma's and the Easter Bunny had left a bunch of plastic eggs filled with candy laying around. Some were down low...
and some were up high, "Thanks Uncle Eric!!!"
Aden had to show her brother how to find the eggs. Ethan talked Auntie Sarah into carrying his basket. And their dog Ginger was scouting for more.

He finally figured it out.

And the race was on.
Is that an egg or a rock?

Watch out Uncle Eric's dog Kane was chasing Ginger all around the yard.

That was fun, now lets go eat!

Ginger and Kane were having too much fun to want to go in.

After dinner and some candy, Ethan got in a playful mood and Aunt Sarah got pinned to the floor and smooched!
Last Monday Aden lost her first tooth at our house while we were watching them while Ang was at the Dr.'s.

It came out when she was biting into an apple.

Grandma put it in a big Ziploc bag so it wouldn't get lost and gave her $1 for being so brave about the whole thing.

Of course Ethan Had to show off all of his pearly whites too.

And today while we were watching them as Ang was having her thyroid tested, Aden lost another tooth while biting into another apple, right next to the first one.
Tomorrow we get to watch them again, but she doesn't have any more loose teeth.
So I guess it will be safe to give her an apple if she wants one.