Sunday, October 4, 2009

Silly Sunday Stills

Not quite the reception I was hoping for a few days ago when I went to babysit my grandchildren.

Aden had pulled 2 of her own teeth and this is what I got when I asked her to show me.

Then I got her to give me a better look.

Of course Ethan had to show me his teeth too!

Even my granddog Ginger got in on the show, but of course she is always happy to see me!

And here is a picture that I promised Ethan I would show Grandma, of a flower he made for her out of blocks.  Grandma couldn't come along as she was babysitting Owen, who was ill from his first baby shots.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Just when I need their wisdom, I find that my parents have both abandoned me.  Where does a grown man go when he needs fatherly advice.  My in-laws have left too!  My step-mother never had children of her own and I wouldn't dare burden her with my problems when she has so many of her own. And my surviving elderly relations are in ill health and I wouldn't want to bother them either. My siblings?  Well, my siblings.... have enough troubles of their own too!  I am not a church going man, so I have no priest, minister or rabi to confide in. My old bartender from my drinking days is dead. The wife and I just can't agree on an answer.

So where DOES a grown man go for advise when he has serious concerns about one of his grown children?

I tell you folks, life is not easy for a 55 year old orphan.