Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a Load of Crap

It's after Dark...When the 2 old cripples get to work.
We don't have to wear garlic or load up silver bullets...
The smell of what we are shoveling keeps all intelligent creatures at bay.
You won't find a "Twilight" creature within miles of here!
'cause we're cleaning rabbit cages and whats under them, out tonight!

As I said all INTELLIGENT creatures stayed away....These girls were taking FULL advantage of their first day out of the coop in weeks and made more work for us, trying to herd them up and get them inside for the night.

And here is the nights haul, I spread it on our garden spot the next day, taking full advantage of our January thaw to get things done.

Now I suppose we could have done this earlier in the day but we were blessed with a visit from our nephew Chuck's daughter.  Now I suppose I could have done what Danni does and put our visitor to work.  Especially since we had her out in the Pallet Palace earlier in the day....

But all I forced her to do was hold our most FEROCIOUS Rabbit, the dreaded Mini Dutch, DUTCHIE.
And of course we made her put up with the TERRIBLE TWOSOME.....

"Pet Me" BEAR and "Kissy Face" Harley

Until she finally passed out from over exertion......

Sunday we had more company....

Ethan and Aden, our two favorite munchkins.
Of course we let their mom and dad stay too.

Then Monday it was back to this guy....

My son,"Eric the Terrible's" Mini-Me .....Owen

Monday, January 18, 2010

Eagle Day

My wife was the one who spotted it, on a deer carcas that our dog Bear has been visiting since it was hit by a car about a week ago.  (I was surprised to see that it had drug itself so far out into the field before it died)
At first we just watched it though my binoculars, then I decided to try to get some pictures.  A few years ago the Bald Eagles started showing up in our area. Seen far and few between and mostly juvinile birds (which are easy to assume are Turkey Buzzards).  This is the first time I have been able to photograph a mature bird. 
From my driveway all I could see was a speck, in the photo it is a little above and to the left of center.

So I drove down the road snapping pictures as I tried to get as close as possible.

I tried to blow up the image but it wouldn't come out very clear.  It is actually sitting on what's left of the carcas.  Bear has hauled all of it's broken legs home (which I have had to dispose of ) and I am sure the local coyote population has had a meal or so too.

As I inched closer it stopped feeding.

And after this photo it took off, (while I was trying to adjust the camera to it's optimum settings, and so missed the whole take-off and flight). 
I hope it comes back tomorrow.