Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Additions

Like everyone else, we have been busy here. With all of the egg incubating, yard work, gardening, household chores, animal care and building a goat pen we decided that we still had too much free time.

So we purchased a pair of double breasted  bronze turkeys to raise as meat.  Of course we called them Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And while we were at it we just had to get this pair of Silkies.

And I just couldn't pass up this baby Flemish Giant doe, she will help increase the size of my meat rabbits.

Hey..... let's raise some quail too.

These 3 are Black Spanish turkeys.  After hatching the eggs for a friend, he kindly gave these to me. 
We hope that we can raise some of this heritage breed and sell the extra chicks.

Are Guineas possible to tame?  Since our Guineas only hatched 6 eggs and only 2 have survived, we bought 3 day old chicks and they are WILD.  I was hoping to be able to tame them by hand raising them, but so far it doesn't seem possible.  The turkey chicks practicly run to my hand and are content to be held and petted, these are just the opposite.

For some reason it looks like Fern is chewing grandson Owen's fingers.

Our dog Bear has finally been accepted by Peaches but Fern just tolerates him.

Again with the fingers, What does Fern find so facinating about Owen's dirty little hands?
Actually she is looking to be petted and nuzzling his hand off of the steering bar.  Owen is her favorite human playmate and they share the sandbox.

Well the animals are calling....guess I will post again when I have a minute to spare....Winter maybe???