Sunday, August 3, 2008

Welcome Kane

A few days ago I went with my son Eric to check out a German Shepherd at a local dog shelter. After a few simple tests, I told him that I thought that if he takes the time to train it right, that this approximately 1 year old male would make him a great dog. But I think that his mind was made up from the second he saw it. He has wanted a German Shephard for a long time. So here are some photo's of my my son and my newest Granddog Kane.

Kane's new playmate will be a beautiful female St. Bernard that Eric and Andea acquired a couple of months ago, her name is Katie.


Susy said...

I love that you call the children's dogs "granddogs" that's what my mom calls our dog.

Twinville said...

Awwww. granddogs! My parents can't stand dogs. Can I trade mine in for you? tee hee

Kane sure is gorgeous! As you know we've got a GSD, too. Our first one we adopted from an ASPCA shelter and she lived for almost 14years.
Her passing was so devastating for my husband and I that we were dogless for 10 years afterwards.
We now have an 8 month old female GSD named Zuni and what a handful. haha
I don't think we will ever do the puppy-thing again, but it is fun to see how they develop into adult dogs.

I'm sure everyone will enjoy Kane.

Oh! And I like Saint Bernards, too. But they usually drool and then shake their heads a little much in the house, for my liking. haha!


GreyWolf said...

And just when do we get to hear more about Zuni?
Yes it is very hard loosing a good pet, but 10 years? I am glad that you decided on a GSD again, I wish that I would have. Raising one from puppyhood IS difficult, but I believe you end up with a better dog for it. GSD's are smart and need lots of training and playtime for the first couple of years but the reward is one great dog. I am too old to train one from scratch, but at least now I get to help my son with Kane. And yes Kattie is a drool monster, but a very lovable one, who will share her slobber with anyone and everyone within range.