Sunday, September 20, 2009

simple sunday

One day, maybe I too can say this!
But not for a while yet.
Yesterday it was: Take care of the animals, eat breakfast, load up the truck with rakes, pitch fork, and other impliments of destruction, comense picking up brush piles, stacking branches for kindling, cutting limbs off downed trees, sawing up said trees, piling wood and branches onto pick-up, unloading pick-up and stacking wood, repeat ad infinum....until so tired and sore it hurt to think.
Put chainsaws, axes and machetes away.
Take care of animals in near darkness.
Pray to God the pain meds kick in soon and WORK!!!!
Make a very quick, very late supper.
Sit down to eat and THEN wish we had put it all in the blender, because we were too tired to chew.
Zone out in front of the TV and watch whatever was on the channel the TV was on because it hurt too much to reach for the remote.
Watch muscles twitch and spasm instead.
Go to bed, toss and turn, moan and groan, repeat every other second for the next few hours because it is impossible to find a comfortable position and too tired to get out of bed to get more pain meds.
Finally pass out in the wee hours of the morning only to be woken up a couple of hours later out of a horrendous nightmare by the dogs wanting to be let out for their morning constitutional.
Only twice as sore as when laid down to sleep.
Take stronger pain meds.
Wait an hour for the dogs to come back in and the pain meds to kick in.
Go back to bed and try again to get some sleep.
Wake up a couple of hours later to another glorious morning, sore and with a drug hangover from the pain meds, decide today to "take it easy".
The dogs had woken Wifey up to go out about an hour after I had let them in. She had already taken care of the animals and was preparing breakfast.  Evidently her pain meds worked better than mine and she had gotten some restful sleep!
After breakfast I got busy repairing and repainting our fresh eggs for sale sign while she started laundry.
Then I had to repair the clothes line which had broken.
Next I hooked up the set of discs to the lawn tractor so Wifey could disc up some of the garden spot. The results were less than satisfactory so we gave that up and Wifey decided to run the lawn sweeper instead.
While she was doing that I fabricated a hay rack for a rabbit pen out of some old stock fencing (it's supposed to rain tomorrow so I will make more for the rest of the rabbit pens then).
Then I proceeded to dismantle the wood stove chimney to clean it.  (About this time my step-mother came over for a visit, I let Wifey entertain her, she needed the rest). The pipes were full of creasote deposits so I needed something to scrape out the inside of the pipe, I proceeded to fabricate an appropriate tool for the job (now I will be able to finish the job with a chimney brush).  I replaced a rusted out elbow and decided I needed a new bracket to hold the outside pipe in place because I plan on extending the hieght of the chimney. I also have a few modifications to make on the inside, but that will have to wait as it is getting late again.
A quick supper of leftover homemade chicken soup and out to take care of the the dark again!
Two hours in front of this idiot box and now I am off to relax before going to bed again.
I am glad I decided to take it easy today.....Owen will be here an 6:30am!!!

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