Monday, June 13, 2011

Bunny Nest

We had another hatching yesteraday, 1 pheasant and 1 guinea from the incubator.
Two guineas from our hen who still has 14 more eggs to hatch.
And these seven bunnies, well six, one died.

Mom is doing well and seems to be caring for her litter.

Proud daddy guinea is so besides himself that he isn't sure wether to stay inside with mom & kids or run outside and tell all of the neighbors about it.

The goat girls where very happy to have a nice sunny morning that allowed them to get a ride out to the orchard to browse, in their favorite toy.

They take turns trying to be a hood ornament.

today Peaches was content to stay close....

Fern however wandered afar in her favorite pastime....trimming trees.

On the ride back, Fern got very emotional and took turns kissing Wifey and me.

Then they got penned up for the day while wifey and I do chores.  Tonight they will again go for a romp in the orchard before getting put in for the night.

Our daily goat ritual is a favorite time of day for us.  So far we have had no problems with the girls trying to excape their confines.  Something that has worries us both as we have read on other blogs the problems that some goats can be.  Oh I am not saying that they are angels.  They are still very mischievious/curious creatures.  But so far they haven't problematic. Well I've done it now, I've opened my big mouth, let's see what my next blog brings.  I better go knock on all of the wood I can find.  NOW

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