Monday, February 20, 2012

Four Sailors

Winter's second BIG snow storm hit us Friday night and left us with about 6 inches of snow.  Hey, this winter has been so mild it's scary.  Today it's melting fast with 40 degree temps and sunshine.  This has been about the longest stretch we've had snow on the ground this year.  Anyway between the snow and the mud not much has been happening on the farm.  Feeding animals and feeding the wood stove are our only activities other than playing games on the computer and watching TV.  We are finally over our six week long illnesses and beginning to think SPRING.  Three of our doe rabbits were bred last month and we are waiting for bunnies to arrive Sunday and Tuesday.  At the end of the month the hen turkey should start hatching out the Guinea eggs we put under her after her clutch failed to produce.  The Guinea hens are still laying eggs and have about a dozen in the nest but no one is sitting on them. The goaty girls are getting bored with being shut in and not having anything left to browse on outside.  So I haven't had much to blog about. So I will just have to post these photos of 4 generations wearing the same sailor suit.

My Dad in 1946

Me about 10 years later after Grandma cut down the suit.

My son about 1983.

His son in 2010

It is amazing that it is still in the family. With all of the moves that we made, Mom had my aunt store it in her basement. After we moved back to Cass City permanently she kept asking for it back, but there was always some excuse for not getting it. When I stayed with them to help my uncle paint the house, I had orders to find it from Mom. But it was an impossible task as there was tons of stuff to sort through. Finally just before my aunt died she returned it. After my son was born I asked Mom for it to have his picture taken in it for Dad for Fathers Day. I was then told to keep it. I was also given my dads last remaining jumper (uniform top or shirt whichever you want to call it). I had my daughters husband wear it for a photo once. The original hat that I was wearing in the photo was not returned until way after my son's picture was taken. My aunt's son  found it when he was cleaning the basement. The white hat that my son wore was just something I bought for the photo. The medal on the uniform in my son's photo is my Dad's WWII Victory Medal.  I think that it is about time I pass this sailor suit along to my son for his son.


Melodie said...

I love the sailor pictures! I have one of my son wearing his daddies Navy uniform. Maybe some day I will have one of a grandson wearing it too!

GreyWolf said...

Thanks Melodie. Keep that uniform clean and protected and who knows, maybe you will get your wish. I hope you do.

robin said...

It's good to know that the Navy is in good hands!

GreyWolf said...

Thanks Robin

warren said...

That's really cool! Pretty awesome that it survived so long without getting torn up really badly. It's a great tradition!