Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hershey Squirts

A little over a week ago we sent Hershey on to her new home just down the road. She was healthy enough to make it on her own (Thanks to Kelly at for all of her advise, without her help I may never have cured Hershey's diarrhea problem.) and we knew that we couldn't keep her here with our limited space.

I visited Hershey the other day at her new home and she was doing great. Shawn's kids just love her and she gets so much more attention than we could provide. They are keeping her in the house and she acts just like a puppy. Last night Shawn brought her here for a visit and she was happy to be back. She went running up the stairs and into the house to see Wifey. (it's hard to believe that just 3 weeks ago she couldn't even stand) She was very excited to see her, but showed no remorse at leaving. She is growing and doing so much better.

Shawn & Hershey

Nursing Hershey back to health was a bittter/sweet experience. But seeing the results warms my heart. All of the work and worry were well worth it. She is healthy and happy, and in a good home with people who will care for her and love her. And we can see her whenever we want. And they are thinking about getting one of her brothers for company for her also. He would have to be neutered of course.

 We miss her, but not all of the extra work it involved. Especially now that we have chicks hatching and really need the room for them on the back porch. I am also hatching eggs for my neighbor Tony and his friend. The incubator is FULL and I have more eggs waiting to go in as soon as others hatch. We are selling our chicks on-line, and have orders waiting to hatch.  I have even had to build a new brooder box to keep up with all of our hatchlings.

Recently I have also joined an online group promoting the raising of rabbits for food.
It is an interesting site for anyone who wants to raise rabbits for meat, with much advice and helpful people.
Last week the founder of the site visited me to pick up one of my rabbits for future breeding purposes.

This little guy he has named Mufasa after the Lion King character.  He is fast becoming a household pet instead of just a buck for breeding.  And his 80 year old mother enjoys holding and petting him as do the neighborhood children. So I don't see him ever making it to the dinner table. As a matter of fact I don't see any of his litter mates getting there either.  Two of his sisters are my niece's children's 4H project.  Two more are going to a friend as breeding stock and I am keeping one for the same purpose.


robin said...

My Dad and Grandfather raised rabbits for food in the 40's. I wasn't born at that time. However my oldest sister was about 3 at the time. My Dad would bring my sister down to the hutches to help with the rabbits. Well making a long story short...rabbits you can eat, bunnies not so much!

GreyWolf said...

Robin: Yes back in the 40's almost everyone had rabbits in the back yard for food. It was only after the big chain stores and lower meat prices arrived that rabbits disappeared from American table fare. Now with everyone going "green" and looking for healthier alternatives has it become fashionable to eat rabbits again. And city people can get away with raising rabbits instead of chickens.

warren said...

Thanks for info on urban rabbits...I am def interested and will check it out.

The title...hilarious!!!

GreyWolf said...

Warren: Yes one of the reason's why we called her Hershey. I have learned so much about rabbit's since joining this group. After raising rabbits for over ten years I still have lots to learn. And since you moved all of your bees to the country you need something to fill up the empty space. What better than some rabbits. Feed them your untreated lawn clippings and you will get all kinds of great garden fertilizer and can even raise worms for fishing. You DO fish, don't you?