Friday, September 26, 2008

First Time Anglers

Well after a long wait, we finally took the grandchildren fishing at the pond yesterday.

Both Aden and Ethan were very excited and couldn't stand the wait and hurried us along.

We had packed a lunch, so had a lot of stuff to carry, down the long trail through high wet weeds and raspberry brambles, through the woods, until finally reaching our destination.

Ethan grabbed the first fishing pole I set up as handed to Ang for baiting. While I was working on a pole for Aden, Ang had casted out Ethan's line, and he had a fish on immediatly.

Here both kids are marveling at Ethan's first fish.

Shortly after Aden caught her first fish.

It may have been small, but she was overjoyed anyway. They continued catching the bluegill mix breeds, having a great time studying each catch and putting them into a bucket of water.

Then Aden had a fight on her hands,

if you look close you can see Aden's bobber tearing across the water from the right, while Ethan's line is being cast out on the left.

With a lot of encouragement and cheering Aden finally got the fish to shore and pulled in a bullhead. Which she wasn't quite sure of.

Grandma and I were kept busy baiting hooks, casting lines and removing fish,
while the kids and Angie fished. Finally they stopped for lunch.
Grumpy Grandpa snuck off further down the shore and got in a little fishing of my own. Lynn and the kids soon joined me. Lynn got in a little fishing too!
It was getting close to nap time for the kids and they were getting a little sunburnt, so we packed up and trekked the long hike back to Angie's vehicle. She ended up with about 2 1/2 gallons of fish.
When we got back to our house, I gave Ang a refresher course in filleting fish and skinning bullheads (which she had never done before).
When I called her at 9:30pm last night, her and Eric were 2 hours into cleaning fish and they were only half done. The poor girl has probably been busy all day finishing up cleaning the fish and getting some of them ready for dinner tonight, while doing all of her normal mommy and farmmaid things.
We'll see how soon it will be before she wants to repeat this adventure!!!


frugalmom said...

Wow! Way to go Aden and Ethan. Great fishing! Sounds like all of you had a great time. Hmmmmm.....Angie, did you know you were gonna have to clean those things yourself? I mean, Im thinking grandpa shoulda done that for you!

I bet some goats would make for some great companions while you cleaned all those fish.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

And what was Grumpy Granpa doing while poor Angie gutted and fillet all those fish? Hmmmm?

You better take over something really special if she invites you over for a fish dinner. hehe

It looks like half the adventure was the long hike into and out of the forest to reach the pond.

What wonderful memories you're creating with those grands of yours :)


GreyWolf said...

My dearest frugalmom: And this is the thanks I get for sticking up for you? Just wait until your a Grandma and then come talk to me!
None of my children like to clean fish, but they all love to eat fish. And they all love to catch fish. So I felt that it was time to pass on the tradition.(please see my next blog)
Do goats eat raw fish heads and entrails? And will the bones hurt them? Because if the answers are Yes and No then I say, "BRING "EM ON."
Lisa: Grumpy Grandpa was feeling a "tiny bit of remorse" because he knew all of the work involved. But was confident that DD & SIL would rise to the challenge. But most of all I just giggled when thinking about it while I was relaxing, sitting in my rocking chair watching TV. But in my defense I can still hear her telling me how she wanted to stock up with fish for the winter, and since she is trying to become more self sufficient, well.......
The walk to the pond isn't really that far unless you are a young child...or an old man like me ;)
I can't believe that I managed to make the hike to and from without the usual trip and fall...A first for me!!!
And I seriously hope that she doesn't invite me over for a fish fry, because the whole idea was to stock her freezer. And after all of thier hard work, I think that they should reap the rewards.
However, if they should happen to hit the perch run next spring, I will gladly accept a fish dinner!!! :)

frugalmom said...

Ha HA HA! Im pretty sure that you only stuck up for me AFTER you learned of all the injuries I sustained while working on critter farm. I distinctly remember that your initial reaction was that I was THE trouble maker....

Well, passing on traditions...why didnt you say that in the first place? Dear Angie, I love that your dad is passing on family traditions to you and your kids....if only I loved closer. I would be there in a minute to help(supervise).

Anonymous said...

Well, I survived the fish cleaning just fine and am very grateful to have dad to teach me these things. Very grateful. Eric on the other hand wasn't so enthused, though he seemed to enjoy his fresh fish dinner just fine! :)

I wasn't deterred by the walk in the woods. I was not deterred by the cranky parent ;) and toddlers. I was not deterred even when the fish bucket tipped over in the back of the truck and I had angry, slimey, air breathin'-never dyin' catfish all over the back of the truck. I was not even deterred by all the hours of cleaning. I was ready to go again. BUT.....this poison ivy I now have spreading all over my body.......that might just do it for me!

GreyWolf said...

frugalmom: Yes it is true, I first made you out as a "trickster" but I couldn't help it. The ticket was under YOUR suitcase after all. :)
And we do live closer than Danni.
But I still want to know about the goats!!!
Ang: try taping an old copper penny to the poison ivy "pimples", it is supposed to be an overnight cure if you get to them before the blisters break.

frugalmom said...

As far as the goats, Id say YES and NO...

Does that mean we get goats now? Ill help take care of them. PLEEEASSSEEE....

GreyWolf said...

OK frugalmom you got a deal we'll get the goats and you will help take care of them

Country Girl said...

What lucky kids to have their grandparents go out fishing with them for their first time! My kiddos love to fish and it is good eating too, John cleans the fish here, I play dumb so I don't have to.

GreyWolf said...

country girl: LOL I hope your husband doesn't read your comment then.
That was my older brother's trick too! He would botch filleting up so bad that my Mom would make him do something else.