Saturday, September 20, 2008

They're Baaack

Well after a week they finally came home late this morning. This is the scene I came home to after taking my Dad to his urologist this morning.
Bear was full of burrs.
And they both are tired

Harley is overjoyed that they are home but couldn't get them to play.
Well I guess I am going to hve to be more careful and only let one out at a time or chain them up.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Yay! In that first picture, Smeagol totally looks like he's guiltily skulking behind that chair because he *knows* he's in trouble. :-) Is that just an aspect of the photo or is there something terribly wrong with Smeagol's eye? (If I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing...)I've seen other pictures of dogs with eyes like this and have read that the pressure on the inside of an eye like this can be terribly painful.
I'm really glad those two bad doggies are home safe and sound. Please give 'em a couple of farmgirl pats for me.

frugalmom said...

Yayyyyyy!!!! Im so happy for you and the little trouble makers that they made it home safe and sound.

Make sure you give them a real good talkin to and remind them that they are not to do that again.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

See! I told you they come back when you least expected it.
You had given up...and here the are! Woot, Woot!

Looks like bear has had enough of the adventure life. Poor guy looks pooped. That Smeagol is a naughty pup. I just feel that he is the instigator on these roaming forays.

Just wondering....are they both neutered?
If they're not, I'm guessing that is why they find some girlfriends to mate and make puppies with. :-O

Happy to hear the good news of their return. I just had a feeling they'd be back! Yay!


GreyWolf said...

farmgirl_dk: Yes, that is Smeagol's demeaner and charm and why SHE got the name. She is very shy and loving, well behaved dog one minute and a savage, non-listening, chicken chasing, off running mutt the next.
She showed up with a very bad case of "cherry eye" (an inflamation of the inner eyelid, that can only be treated in the first two weeks) that was infected. I got the infection under control, but since we were activly looking for her owners or another home for her, and had no idea of how long she had the condition we didn't elect to have the surgery performed. Now that we are sure that we are not keeping her, I am not sure that we will worry about the neutering and eye surgery. I am going to call a Humane Shelter to see when we can bring her in. I am afraid that this last escapade changed our decision to keep her. Poor Ol' Bear will have to be sheared to the skin to ride him of all of the burrs and matted hair and is too sore to keep up the pace she sets.

frugalmom: Yes we are very happy that they are both safe. However I don't think they listened to our little talk. When my wife was letting Smeagol out this morning,(we have only been letting one out at a time since they returned), Bear suddenly pushed past her and now they are off again!!!

Lisa: Yes she is and that is why we finally decided to get rid of her. Both of our male dogs are neutered and she wasn't in heat when they left.

GreyWolf said...
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