Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Tour With Morris

Hey; Whatcha Doin'?
Oh, well why not take a walk around with me?

I really like the flower garden but there's not much going on there right now. My stupid little brother Fraidy Fredy always has to tag along with me. He is very insecure.

This one still smells interesting even though its dead.

Hey Merlin, your supposed to smell the flowers not lay on them. That's my very independant brother. He usually only shows up at meal times. The Moocher!

What's going on across the road?

Oh, it's just the farmer checking out his field.

There goes OLD Miss Stuck-up, she is sooo rude, she won't let anyone but my owners get near her. Screams that she has seniority, whatever that means.

Ok, time to move on. They let those rowdy morons out again. When I'm inside they act all nicey,nicey but the minute were out alone watch-out. It's every cat for himself!!!

Oh, that, well, it's just a fun place to watch for birds.

Now this is my favorite, it's an old pear tree that my owners refuse to cut down. The bark is the only thing holding it up. But since it still produces a few pears they let it stand. Excuse me a minute....

See I can almost push it over. And I like how my paws smell after sharpening my claws an it's bark.
Oh, they do cut down some trees, they took these down last week and left the branches piled up for the wild rabbits to knaw on and birds and mice to hide in, but I can find them anyway. I don't eat the nasty little things, but they sure are fun to scare and play with.

I don't know why they didn't finish cutting down this one too.

Or why he spent all day putting in this pet door. I sure as heck ain't gonna use it!!

Now watch where you step here...

Do you see the size of the spines on that cactus??? I didn't think that stuff would even grow outside in Michigan, but here it is.

There's one of them pesty chickens. I don't know what they got them nasty things for. All they do is sneak up on a guy when he's trying to catch 40 winks in the nice warm sun, and then wham, they peck you, don't laugh, they bite hard!!!

Oh, stuff it. Noisey beast....why don't you do something usefull...Like cleaning out around that darn cactus so a guy can see it better.

Here's the chicken coop. It looks a lot nicer since the finished it.

Can you believe they spent a whole day burying electric cable, and burying that metal post just for that silly little light.

Them goofy birds are out picking though the leaves they put all over the garden. Sure makes it harder to use as a huge litterbox now.

Looks like they're all busy lets sneak inside...Shhhh!

DANG, there's still one in here.

Them chicken sure leave some strange looking poop in them litter boxes. And the vile things don't even cover it up when they're done.

Then my owners actually pick that stuff up and take it inside and store it. Merlin told me they eat it....that's just too sick to be true. He thinks he's sooo smart. Dumbass!

The rabbits are in here too. I like to watch them.

And they are sloppy eaters so I always get some of their leftovers. Tasty stuff and I get it all to myself, unless that big black dog comes in here too!

Ol' Freddy won't come inside. He just don't know what he's missing.
Well thats about it for today, its getting dark and time to go in for dinner.

Hey, that light wasn't such a stupid idea after all.

Ah, desert!!! If only they would let him out of that cell. I don't know what he did, or how long his sentence is, but I'll be waiting........


farm mom said...

LOL!! Great post dad. That's the most I've ever seen of ole morris, and I don't think I've EVER seen the other ones!!

sugarcreekstuff said...

Hi Greywolf, let Morris know that I liked the tour.
I looked at for that WWII series, it runs 15 hours, and the last 6 are this Sunday starting at 1:00, I get the Detroit station, I'm guessing you get the Flint station and it was the same. Luckily Hubby will be hunting so I can sit and veg for 6 more hours. I need to find out what happens!

GreyWolf said...

Sugarcreekstuff: Hello, I told Morris and he said maybe he would do it again sometime. But ya just never know with cats. Thanks for letting me know about that WWII special. Hopefully I will get a chance to watch it too.

GreyWolf said...

Thanks Agnes. And guess what Morris lied. Him and his brothers are using the pet door. It took a couple of days but they finally put it to use.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thanks Morris, for the fascinating tour from your own perspective. I found it truly amusing and entertaining.
But I hope you do realize that the 'leftover food' from the bunnies is not actually food, right?

And you make fun of us humans for eating chicken eggs. lol!

Interesting that you all have prickly pear up you way. We are constantly finding little baby pricklies that we dig up and kill. Persistant little buggers!

Thanks for the smile, Morris :)

(Now you better use that cat door that those nice humans of your put in for you. Try it, you'll like it. And you'll drive the dogs crazy at your clever disappearing act, too!)

New Mexico

GreyWolf said...

Hi Lisa: Actually in Morris' defense, what he eats IS rabbit food, they somehow manage to scoot out lots of the pellets fron the feeder and he eats them like they were gourmet cat food, Bear is also quite fond of it. sometimes its a race to see which one gets into the coop first.

Is that what that is, prickly pear?
It was planted in that spot before my inlaws bought this place and last year was the first time we ever saw it bloom. Nice deep yellow flowers.

Morris and his brothers finally starte using the pet door on the back porch, which is where they will spend the winter. Morris is the only one of them who comes in the house anymore.

PNF Photography said...

very fun tour...

Country Girl said...

GREAT JOB on the tour Morris. I chuckled the whole way through. He looks like and onld cat "Menue" (sp) I had in high school. My cats feel the same about our raskly dogs.