Friday, February 27, 2009

Stuffed Peppers

This was my reward for a day spent NOT fishing!
Stuffed Hot Banana Peppers!!!
I wish you could smell how wonderful they were.
And Green Bell Peppers for wifey.
I wish I would have taken a picture before we had supper, then you could have seen the nice big red hot peppers, they were exceedingly delicious and HOT. Real nice sinus cleaners!
I had many left over banana peppers from canning this year, so I cleaned and froze them with this in mind. I am glad I did. And of course we made enough for at least 2 meals. Energy saving and all that.
So instead of going fishing I spent an hour in the afternooon splitting firewood, with the wife stacking the wood and keeping me supplied with wood to split. (Sure was a lot easier 40 years ago) Cleaned out the chimney on the wood stove. And worked on the computer whenever I could. Scaning photo's and enhancing them for a dvd of my Dad's Navy service and looking up photo's and articles about the ship he was on (and getting distracted along the way to other interesting sites).
It was a nice warm morning so Wifey let the chickens out for a run around the yard and shoveled snow to make paths for them from one snow free spot to the next. I should have had the camera out as it was a very comical site as they followed her closely and encouraged her to shovel faster. And later to watch them running along the paths only to meet head on with other chickens, neither group wanting to give way or step off the paths. As the day grew warmer the paths got bigger and wetter as the snow melted in the 50 degree weather. When we put them away this evening we had a whole flock of Mud Hens. Nasty looking critters.
And tonight the days activities are telling on this poor old body, along with the evening rain and cool down ( I do so HATE cold damp weather, it makes all my muscles ache), so here I am, waiting for the pain pills to kick in and me to get drowsey enough to try to lay down.
But now I'm going to have to try to sleep for a couple hours, if I can.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew! I hear ya on the cold and damp. That's why we live in the desert southwest now.

Oh! I was giggling at the vision of the mud hens metting face to face and noone budging. Reminded me of the Dr. Seuss story: The Zax. Do you know of it?

"I'll stand here not budging, I can and I will, if it means you and me and the whole world will stand still" lol!

My kids love that story.

Mmmm! Stuffed Banana peppers. Me loves me some of that hot stuff, too. And a big box of tissues. Feels so much better afterwards. eh?