Sunday, March 1, 2009

Easter Already?

And I didn't even have to color the eggs.

We use this basket to collect eggs in and yesterdays haul of 17 from our 19 hens sure looked pretty in it. We have been getting between 11 and 17 eggs daily.

Yesterday we also gave the rabbits a chance to breed, hoping for some Easter Bunnies to sell.
The females weren't too happy about it and didn't want to cooperate. So we will try again later if this session didn't take.

We went through our garden seeds today to see what we needed to purchase for this year, thankfully not a whole lot. But I am sure we will find some new stuff to try, since wifey has a stack of new seed catalogs that almost reaches the ceiling. It seems we get more every day in the mail. I think we bought from too many places last year and now EVERBODY wants us to buy from them. Most of them I have never even heard of before. Sorry guys, not THIS year.
But the catalogs will make good mulch.

Noisey ole Ethel almost made an escape last night. I was trying to get the dumb dogs to come in out of the cold, when he flew from his cage and landed on my shoulder. I think the blast of Arctic air coming in through the open door blew him off course. He doesn't normally try to get outside. And after YEARS of attemping to get him to fly to me on call have failed, I don't think he just wanted to come see me.
However, after getting flash frozen, he decided he wanted to stay perched on my shoulder for a while (probably just soaking up my body heat). But he has been calling for his old mate George for a while now, even though she passed away a couple of years ago. Wifey has said we need to get him another companion, I think we may have too.

Can you tell how tired I was?

So he stayed and helped me do some research until all of the cats started to get REAL interested in him and I put him away for the night. Maybe I should move the computer farther away from the cat's food station? Naw, it keeps Ethel on his toes and gives him less time to pick on me!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Beautiful basket of eggs! I got nine eggs (from 10 hens) yesterday - that's the most I've gotten since last fall when it was still warm and sunny. This made me SO happy - a sure sign that spring is just around the corner, at least according to my chickens!
Ethel looks great on your shoulder :-)

GreyWolf said...

Dannni: Yes that's Ethels favorite perch when the cats aren't around.

(as you will have noticed I left out the part about the spatula and Cheez-Whiz, can't put EVERYTHING on the Web)

Anonymous said...

Hey dad, did you remember to put the doe in with the buck and not the other way around? That may help. Good luck with it, the kids will be excited to see the baby bunnies! :)

warren said...

You do look tired! You need an eye patch and a scowl to really complete the pirate look, my friend....Ethel is a good start!

frugalmom said...

Thats a pretty colorful basket of eggs you got goin on there.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ethel's a He...and George was a She?
I love how you do things around there, Gary! lol.

Great egg bounty, too.

I look forward to seeing baby bunny kits soon :)


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey Warren,

You haven't seen Gary's Halloween costume then? He was the perfect pirate! :D