Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lovin' It

No...It's not satellite TV......It's HIGH SPEED INTERNET.....WAHOO!!!!

It was installed late Thursday afternoon and we have been enjoying it ever since.

It was almost as exciting as the surprise we got this morning (Friday).

This is Penny sitting beside her nest box as she has been for the last couple of days....
But inside was this.

Can you see the tiny little nub of an ear in the upper part of the fur ball in the center?
There are at least five baby bunnies in there according to Wifey. We will make a thorough check of the nest box later (Saturday morning). But for now we don't want to disturb the new mother.

And here's the proud Papa, Pete.

And this is Misty, today we re-bred her to Pete.

And this is Buster, our as yet untried buck.

Mr. Rooster is waiting his turn to become a daddy too! Soon hopefully.
Wednesday evening my son and ex son-in-law came over to cut down a tree behind the house that would have interfered with the reception of our Internet receiver

This is just half of it.

The small half....Yesterday and today we worked on the large half. Hauling away all of the wood and branches.....

Raking up the debris....

Storing the kindling...

And a little extra around the pine tree....

Until it finally looked like this.

Hauling away the debris...

The beginning of the non-splitting pile...

And the splitting back is sore already!!!
and this is just the start.....

This is what's left of our beautiful 6 ft. tart cherry tree after a buck used it for a rub last fall.
Maybe it will survive.

But our matching sweet cherry tree I have no hope for.
Wifey is still mad at those darn deer!!!
And I am sure she will be waiting for them this fall, and put them in the freezer come deer season!

She's already keeping watch over them, see that white pump house in the distance?

I told you she was watching, waiting, and cussing.....better stay away this fall.
Oh, wait....I LOVE venison......Ya'll come back this fall, ya hear!
My Annie Oakley will be waiting for ya, with an open invitation for dinner....OURS!


Anonymous said...

Wow dad! You guys have been busy. Gosh, I cannot even imagine what it looks like without that tree. But I'm glad you're enjoying the high speed!! Oh, and congrats on the babies!! YAY! :)

frugalmom said...

Bunny babies AND high speed internet? You are so spoiled.

GreyWolf said...

Ang: Busy and sore and tired!!!
WHA WHA WHA somebody call a WHA- mbulance!

Marcee: YES I AM.

You need to get some bunnies, they are a lot less work than a puppy and cuter to, no 5am wake-up call. And I am sure they are leagal to raise even where you live.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew...I need a nap after reading this post. Did you get one?

I hope you will keep us updated with pictures as the baby bunnies grow. They are called kits, right?

And congrats on the high speed internet! You're living in the 21st Century now! :)