Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My first catch of the year. A lot smaller than I was hoping for, but after waiting over six months, anything is better than nothing. BTW the tiny ones got tossed back (unless they were too badly hooked to survive), some were smaller than the large minnows we were using.
Monday afternoon my son Eric had some business to attend to and asked me to come along. Afterwards we took a drive to Sebewaing to see if the Yellow Lake Perch were running yet.
We found the bridge over the river was packed shoulder to shoulder with fishermen, catching tons of small to medium sized perch. And of course we didn't have our fishing poles with us!!!
So we made plans to come back yesterday after he got out of work.
Yesterday it was about 40 degrees and very windy....COLD!!!!!
Eric and my ex son-in law Tim and I went anyway. When we got there, no one was fishing on the bridge! NOT a good sign. We immediately blamed Tim as being a jinx! Last year when ever we took him perch fishing we never caught anything. (of course even when we didn't take him we didn't catch anything either, but we aren't tellling HIM that!) We decided to try fishing in this tiny park right next to the bridge. I think it was built just for fishermen as it has heated bathrooms. And a handicapped accessible riverside boardwalk. And our backs were to the wind.

I caught the first ones but Eric was close behind.

And soon was outfishing me!!
Poor Tim was still trying to catch one.
The wind was making it very difficult to tell when one was biting.

And Eric just kept getting more and bigger fish than me, DANG IT !!!

Then Tim finally brought these in, and started catching fish.
And Eric kept on outcatching us!!!!!!
Good thing he drove or I would have made him walk home!
I thought I taught him to respect his elders!
And it's bad form to outfish the person who taught you.

The people across the river from us were doing ok for a while and keeping us entertained.

Then they settled down to some serious beer fishing.
Then even Eric started catching fewer fish.
Tim gave up and started playing games on his phone.

So after sitting a while and not catching anything we left for home.

The boys were gracious enough to allow me to keep and clean all of these little guys.
But they were quick to add that they would be here for the fish fry.

So guess what I get to do....YUP....clean fish!!!!
Maybe we will try again tomorrow, since we are going to get SNOW again, and freezing temps, for the next week...... dang it, Dang It, DANG IT!!!!


farm mom said...

Oh you so know had I been there I would not only have gotten the most, but also the biggest....I'm just sayin. And I see tim there on facebook, writing me a note!! HAHAHA too funny! Well, whenever you're ready to bring in the big haul dad, you know my #! ;)

warren said...

I have been beer fishing! Great fun!

I can't seem to remember what I caught though...

GreyWolf said...

Ang: you'll get yor chance today.

Warren: probably a hangover!...I'm just sayin'....

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Time for a Fish Fry!

Ugh...snow. It's doing that here as I type.


Reddunappy said...

OH my I just love Jeff Dunham!! thanks for the link!!!

I dont think I had heard "Road kill Xmas" before !! ROFL LOL

Reddunappy said...

Oh, and the fishin, did it take long to clean all those?lol reminded me of the fish my daughter sent me pics of when she was in SCarolina.

Anonymous said...

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