Monday, March 16, 2009

Bee Feeder?

This is my birdfeeder. Then why this morning are there no birds here?
On a closer look you can see why!

Can you see why?

How about now.
They are rolling around in the bird food and collecting corn and other grain dust in the pollen sacs on their legs.
Then flying off with their load, as others thake their place.
Shortly after these photos were taken you couldn't see the grain any more, just bees!
Help me out here Warren!


Anonymous said...

Those are some great pics dad! And I know you were the one to take them too, as I cannot see mom even stepping out the front door with that going on. lol I cannot wait to see what warren's got to say. :)

Reddunappy said...

eeeuuuuwwww, at least they are honey bees and not yellow jackets!!

Have some fishin pics over at my blog, Kokanee.

frugalmom said...

Thats strange. Ive never seen that before. Must be Michigan thing.....

warren said...

Bees come out to fly when it is around 45 or so degrees...they need to poop I am sure after being all cooped up all winter. Basically, they don't do it in side the when it is warm enough, the head out, clear out and check for pollen. It's unlikely there is any up your way so they search for anything pollen-like. It's a pretty common occurrence for bees to hit bird feeders early in the season where they pick up dust and stuff off of the birdseed. It has little or no nutritional value for them, but they are getting a chance to exercise some and stay busy. As soon as the real pollen comes in...usually when the maples bloom here, they will not touch the birdfeeder. In the meantime, they should not be terribly defensive. They typically only sting when provoked (e.g. stepped on) or when near their hive and you approach in a threatening snap pictures all day long!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! I had no idea bees would do that at a bird feeder. I don't think I've seen at my feeders, but we only serve up sunflower seed and those little round seeds (?) so we've nothing dusty for bees to eat.

I wonder if this means that bees are hungry and desparate in your area. Fascinating stuff, Gary...and VERY cool photos, too.


GreyWolf said...

Ang: actually she did, and she wasn't too bad until one got inside the car with us. Then you know what happened!

Reddunappy: Yes but they will be around soon enough. Nice fishing story.

Frugalmom: Oh it definately is, with all of the farmers out of work at the car factories, they can't afford to feed the bees anymore. So they have to rob from the birds.

Warren: Thanks for clearing that up for me, so what you are saying was them little buggers was using me for an outhouse while I was snapping pictures. THANKS ALOT

Lisa: Thank you, I was amazed at the photos myself. You must have enough natural food around for the bees in the mountain area.

warren said...

I have been pooped upon many times so I'd say there is a fair chance you were pooped upon. I hear it's good for the hair...just rub it in....