Friday, March 13, 2009

Good News - Bad News Bunnies

Meet Dutchie.
The newest member of our funny farm.

It's a Dutch rabbit, about 3 weeks old. Just look at that pretty face.

I couln't resist buying it Wednesday, as all of it's brothers and sisters were already sold and it looked so lonely sitting all by itself.

Since it was an impulse buy, we had no cage prepared, and had to house it in a bird cage until I built a proper cage.

Dutchie will become part of our breeding stock, whatever sex it turns out to be.

It seemed content enough, but it was quite crowded.

After we got it settled in, I called Ang and she told the kids, so needless to say a little while later we had company!!! And of couse since it was Grandma's house, the second he hit the door Ethan announced that he was HUNGY, so both Aden and Ethan got a hotdog to munch on.

Then the "Rabbit Whisperer" got right down to business.

Explaining to Dutchie how to be a good bunny.

Giving the low-down on the rules for living in the house until it was warm enough for it to move outside with the other rabbits in the chicken coop.

And of course admonishing it NOT to bite!

And praising it for listening and coming to investigate.

Ethan thought the little bunny in a bird cage was just the right size.

And he was ready to take it home!!!

Sadly, early yesterday morning, one of our does, Misty, gave birth to 8 baby bunnies. It was a very windy and frigid night, the temperature in the coop dropped to the low 40's. All of the
bunnies died from exposure. By the time we got out to them 4 were dead and 4 very cold bunnies were just barely hanging on. We brought them all in and tried warming and rubbing them. After 2 hours of hard work, all of our attempts to revive them failed. We were very broken hearted. Not only for the bunnies but for poor Misty too.
We weren't sure Misty was pregnant and the night before she had shown no sign of being about to give birth. If only we had known, things might have turned out differently.
Our remaining doe appears to be pregnant. We are keeping a very close eye on her!
Oh, and last night Dutchie moved in to it's new, much bigger cage.


Country Girl said...

Cute kiddos and bunny. So sorry about your bunnies, that is a real bummer.

warren said...

so wait...Dutchie's sex hasn't been determined yet? I think you need a biology lesson, LOL!

GreyWolf said...

Kim: yes it is sad but its to be expected when you raise animals.

Warren: Well you are more than welcome to come teach me how to sex the little furball. I'll just wait until it's a bit bigger and easier to tell for sure!