Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Bunny Pics

It's time for a few baby pictures! Wifey is opening the nest.

Trying to extricate just one out of the squirming mass.

One of the five black ones.

Full bellies all, Penny is a real good mother.

This little grey one worked his way out of the nest.

We have 2 greys that will probably be kept for breeding purposes.

Don't now where he thinks he's going! But he seems adventurous.

Time to go back with the others.

Here you can see the white one, looks more like pink.

Time to cover them back up to keep them toasty warm, until Mom's next visit to the nest.


frugalmom said...

Thats the first time I have seen a bunny so little and new. They dont even have their sweet little eyes open yet.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww, so sweet. They look like puppies when they're that small because they have such tiny rounded ears.

Good photos,

Mandie said...

Our rabbit had babies 10 days ago and we love them! The only thing is that mama is so aggressive when I get in the cage. She even gets mad when I feed her. Does your rabbit do that? I just wondered if that was normal or if she was just grumpy!!