Monday, May 18, 2009

Catch-Up to Ketchup

These are my Easter bunnies now. Mom of course is squished into the corner, and Houdini is the name of the all black bunny in the back to the far left. He has been getting out of the cage nightly for the past week, and we can't figure out how, hence the name Houdini, after the well known escape artist. Every morning we have to hunt him down, catch him, and return him to the cage.

And now for a little more catch up. A big THANK YOU to all of you well wishers and those that sent prayers to myself and family during my Dad's illness and death.
I have been remiss for not mentioning this earlier, please forgive my slowness.
After all of the turmoil of the funeral, I have been keeping very busy. Trying to help my stepmother and catching up on yard work, trying to plant a garden and cleaning up downed trees for next winters firewood, making the chicks a pen in the coop and caring for all of the animals here on our 5 acre Funny Farm. During this process I have managed to break the cartilage in 3 of my short ribs (and no I didn't fall) and slice my finger good by accidentally running it along the very sharp blade of my machete. (Stupid rookie thing to do, I have been using it for almost 40 years and this is the second time I have cut myself with it. The first time I was sharpening it with a file and got a little carried away and slit my thumb open).

So me and Wifey have been slaving away until almost dark every night, staying tired and exhausted with little R&R. Time to go FISHING !!!

Anyway, here are some photos from life on the farm.

Our now 16 day old chicks, notice the size difference of the Vantress Cross meat birds!!!
(they are the white ones)

My daughter Angie calls them "Meat Blobs", a very descriptive term I must say. But they are doing what they are supposed and grow. So far we have lost 1 to natural causes and 2 to hiding under the gallon waterer. They must have run underneath it as I was replacing it in their pen and I didn't notice it. A very unhappy Wifey discovered them the next morning. Ooopsy!!

This photo with the Isa Brown in front of them and the smaller Americanas behind gives you a better sense if the size difference. The Meat Blobs are laying down, the rest are standing up.

Here is my first batch of live bunnies, all 8 have survived and are weaned and living outside now.

I caught the left one in a dead run to get away from the scary camera. But when I bring a bunch of grass for them, they mob me to get to it. They are eating very little pelletized food now that they get all of the fresh grass and weeds twice daily.

The white rabbit of this group has a black nose, ears and tail.

and the red eyes...

Can you see me bending into their pen snapping a photo in the reflection?

This guy is my favorite and always comes to greet me, not shy at all.....

Even the shutter noise doesn't deter his curiosity.

And here is Wifey's favorite.

The other grey one in back.

And this is my friendly Americana who always comes to see me whenever I am outside.

And the Grey Leghorn my wife thinks is a rooster because it is the only one who's comb stands erect.

It's rather HOT here today even with a strong wind, and the flock is taking refuge under their favorite pine tree. I see you eyeballing me Mr. Rooster!

Bear and Harley are taking turns watching the bunnies in their pen outside.

Harley wants a double shift I guess.

One of the last tulips to keep its petals in all of the wind we have been having lately.

Some fresh Chives for baked potatoes.

And FRESH picked asparagus....

peeled and steamed the way Wifey likes them.

And OUR favorite fungus...Morel Mushrooms cooked in butter....YUM !!!
Who cares what the meat was with all of these delicacies!!!
Oh, and I lied about the Ketchup...who needs it anyway.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Lots going on around there! Meat blobs is such a funny term...they look like it, too. Do they have weaker legs because they grow so fast?

The bunnies are so cute. I love how the one white one has a black nose and the others are black with white noses. Will they all be used for meat this summer?

The flowers looked so pretty...and the chives...I love chives on baked potatoes with butter! Yummo!

I had asparagus for dinner last night, too. Mine wasn't as fresh and as pretty as yours, though. I don't like mushrooms at all...but those ones in your pan actually look good.

Sorry about your ribs and finger. I hope you heal up lickety split (ooops...not the best word to use, eh?)


Country Girl said...

Cute bunnies! MM has done that with the waterer and meat birds..oops.

warren said...

I can see you in the reflection of the rabbit's time please wear clothes!!

GreyWolf said...

Lisa: The meat blobs don't really move around much, other than from feeder to waterer then plop down for a rest. Their legs seem well proportioned to the rest of the body, but it is a lot of weight to support. I should weigh them and see the difference between them and the other chicks.
Not all of the bunnies will be used for meat, some will be used for breeding and some to be sold.

Kim: Well I guess it's a MAN thing them...LOL

Warren: Sorry, but it was hot outside and I do live in the country with no close neighbors.
Hmmm, maybe that's why!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Thanks Warren. I just had to go back and see if Gary was wearing clothes after all. LOL!
You got me! :D

It reminds me of that joke where someone says, it's impossible to lick your elbow.

And a few minutes later, when noone thinks anyone is looking...everyone tries to lick their elbow.


Did you try it, too?



GreyWolf said...

Not Me I knew the answer!