Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Chicks

Amidst of all of the insanity over the last few months, with my dad, his wife and my daughter's illnesses and finally my Dad's death, we somehow managed to order some chicks for spring. We had planned on having an addition built on to the chicken coop by the time they arrived.

However that didn't happen, so I had to butcher both of my buck rabbits to make room for these little guys. I will try breeding my does with Angie's buck next time, and will eventually get replacements.

Most will end up as laying hens to increase our flock. If I ever get the addition built. Scratch that, I MUST get it done and soon!!! In between cutting up felled trees and planting a garden!!
And of course trying to find SOME time to go fishing!
Somewhere in all of this mess of fluff are 25 Vantress Cross broilers, 10 Isa Brown, 10 Buff Orphington and 5 Americana chicks.

Most of the Vantress Crosses will be table fare and are straight run birds, as are the Americanas, but the rest are pullets.
I came upon this surprise quite by accident.
We usually don't see any tree frogs around our yard. I've had a special reguard for these little guys since I was a child.
And even after disturbing this guy's slumber he has stuck around in the same spot for the last 4 days. Maybe he will decide to make this old woodpecker nest his home. The day after I spotted this chap I found another not too far away. I hope they eat all of the mosquitos and gnats they can, because I am tired of donating blood already!
Wifey's tulips are blooming.

And the grape hyacinths are spreading.

I do like the pretty little things though.

Now where are the bees?
Maybe next year!


Kelly or Alex said...

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your Dad and I hope that your wife and daughter are better. That news always hurts. I do think the chicks are great! They look so soft and fuzzy before those feathers come in. That is one huge frog. His camo is top notch. We are hoping to get some guinea fowl. That should add quite a bit of noise to the farm. Take care and keep faith.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've read some discouraging things about missing bees lately. They are becoming scarce all over the US due to some kind of mold or toxin. Scary because we rely on them so much for garden jobs.

That toad is amazing. His camoflage is perfect for his habitat. wow!

Congrats on all your peepers. I sort of miss having all those puff balls now that we have our hens and roosters. No room for anymore right now, though I am making plans one day to separate my Japanese Silky pair for breeding, so my hen can go broody and hatch out some baby silkies for sale.

Good luck on your upcoming construction, just make sure to make time for that fishing time. A guys gotta have priorities, right? :)


GreyWolf said...

b1Kelly or Alex: Thank You. Wifey wants to eventually get some guinea's too!

Lisa: Yes we are very bee poor around here. I am currently planning on getting some hives and bees for next year.
prioritising is the problem, not much time for fishing right now, but soon hopfully.

Anonymous said...

Great pics dad! I really loved the tree frog, hopefully I get to meet him in person! :) Maybe you need to get the fam together to help with your coop? I'll call ya! ;)

warren said...

You need the bees!

Ok...next year.

And I am betting that you licked that frog..I just know you did!

GreyWolf said...

Warren: Sorry to say that I never even thought about it....let me grab my camera and go see if he's still there!