Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is Coming

Spring must be comng.

We are getting a few warm days and it's possible to get out and enjoy the sun ( something we haven't seen much of in the last 6 months),

Aden and Ethan sitting in the shade, their fair skin can only handle just so much direct sun without sunblock.

My son Eric came over to work up or new garden spot.
After the plowing was done, Owen decided that he had better supervise the OLD MAN, and make sure he did it right.

Evidently he wasn't getting through to Dad and had to take over.

I guess if you want the job done right, you just have to do it yourself.

Did I mention we are going to have a BIG garden this year?

This small leg of the L shaped garden will be used for planting a test plot of sorghum, wheat, oats, buckwheat and an assortment of grass, clover and other hay type plants. Since it is the most deer traveled area of the property, I am hoping to keep them here and away from the rest of the garden area by planting a sunflower barrier betweeen the two and surrounding the rest of the garden with sunflowers too.


warren said...

Looks like a heck of a garden! But maybe you can get some child labor to help you...I bet those kids all love dirt under their fingernails!

Anonymous said...

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