Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well It's Been A LONG Winter

Harley NOSE you are still there!!! 
It has been a long time since my last post and all I can blame it on is getting addicted to Facebook games.
It has been my downfall. 
So I will try to briefly update the situation around here.

We used up all of our firewood last month and had to buy 2 face cords so far.

I contracted the sale of some Easter bunnies at a local pet store and set about breeding 2 of my female rabbits to time the bunnies sale age with the time for delivery,  and had fantastic results.
Each doe had 9 bunnies.

These little ones were born Feb. 10

All survived our harsh winter temps.

and are ready for delivery.

It was hard parting with all of these cute little guys. They were all sold yesterday, 12 to the pet store and 6 to a local farm supply store.

We went from this...
to this in a couple of weeks.  The chickens were very happy to get out of the coop and free range. All except for two......

Here are 2 hens sitting on some eggs and last sunday this is what we found.

only the one hen's eggs hatched 3 chicks and the rest were discarded after 48 hours.
I had to help the yellow one out of it's shell. Mom had almost half of the shell picked off, but the tough white membrane was beyond both her and the chick.  All it had was a very tiny hole through it with just the tip of its beak out.  Even I had a tough time tearing it and freeing the poor little exhausted chick.  I didn't think it was going to survive, but it did, and seems just as healthy as the other two.
We re-set the other hen with eleven fresh eggs, hopefully we will have more chicks.

Here is Dutchy, my 1 year old pet mini-dutch rabbit.  I found his walking vest and took him out for a stroll in the nice warm sun.
Two of our rooosters came to investigate...


Dutchy wasn't afraid of them but decided to check in with me anyway, at least until they went away.

After his walk I removed the vest so he could clean up before returning him to his pen.

My grandson Owen loves his walker and the freedom he has in it.

And here he shows me one of his toys before he plays one of his favorite games,
"Make Grandpa Pick It Up".

My wife decided to give Owen a ride on her bike, he fits nicely in the basket and really enjoyed himself.
I followed them with my electric cart to make sure he didn't put his hads close to the moving parts or try to climb out.

And here is my other two Grandchildren, Ethan and Aden.
Grandma spent a lot of time trying to get this picture...
about 2 dozen others look more like this......

Yesterday we also ordered 100 Vantress Cross meat chickens.
After the success with the 25 we raised last year she was determined to raise more.
The day old chicks will arrive April 27th. and reside in the "Pallet Palace".
We will have to move the rabbits outside and make the place safe for the chicks by covering the inside walls with chicken wire.

My son Eric came over last weekend and cut down some trees for firewood next year. So we have to get busy and remove a couple off the old garden spot.  And start cutting up firewood....again!!!

Wifey also plans on having a large garden this year in a new spot that we have been covering with manure all winter.  She has just begun to start seeds indoors. 
I plan on trying to plant a hay and straw patch behind the orchard. 
Wifey is still talking about getting a couple of goats this summer, so we don't plan on mowing the orchard this year.
"We", are also hoping to have a roof on the barn before fall, build a goat shed in the orchard, finish the "Pallet Palace", put a roof on the front porch, and an addition to the back porch.  Where "the Wife" plans to come up with the time and money is beyond me, but we will see...........


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! You and the wife sure have a lot of plans for this summer. And you've been busy with all sorts of cool stuff this winter.
Those Easter Bunners are precious! And I just love Dutchy. What a smart bunny for being able to walk on a leash, too.

And I was surprised to see that you've went through all your firewood. You guys had a rough winter, too. I'm so ready for winter to be over, but we keep getting more snow. It snowed twice in the last week and it's snowing right now! And people think it never snows in New Mexico. lol!

Congrats on chickies. My Japanese Silkie is always going broody. She hatched out 3 chicks for me last Fall....unfortunately two are roosters, so they've got to go. Four roosters in our small flock is just too much for our poor hens. lol!
Sid Vicious was the Daddy, so they have the top poofs and his flashy colors.

I can't believe how big cute Owen has grown! How do they do that anyway? Slow down little babies!

Great to see updates from you. I'm glad you seem to be doing pretty good, too.


Callie said...

Great photos! We are almost through our firewood. Hope we have enough. We have rain and snow forecast for this week. Spring, where are you?

GreyWolf said...

Lisa: yes we have great expectations. With Owen getting so big, we hope to be able to get more done this year. He loves watching the chickens which we hope will help keep him entertained.
We have 3 roos' in our flock of 40 and we need to cull one of them.
Our last 2 facecords are all but gone, I hope the warm weather is here to stay.

Callie: Thank You, and we live in the center area of the thumb area of lower Michigan.