Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Arrivals

In my last blog I mentioned an unexpected pregnancy and on Valentine's Day we found these 9 little fur balls.
Luckily we had put a nest box into the mothers pen just 2 days prior.

Just the day before the new arrivals, we had our grand kids visit.  It was a beautiful day with temps just above freezing for the fist time in a long while.  Aden & Ethan built this snowman while their father and I butchered 4 rabbits for a customer. 

For the next 4 days we had temperatures in the high 40's.  The wife shoveled a path out of the chicken coop and the whole flock broke out for the first time since snow fell.  I am amazed that our "chicken" chickens who are so afraid of walking in the snow, have no problem with the cold mud and water and will stand in it all day but refuse to let their delicate toes touch the snow. 

The arrival of warm weather gave us a chance to clean out the rabbit pens and muck out some of the chicken coop.  We throw it in the trailer.. and just as fast the chickens scratch it out....until we brought Bear out to guard the trailer. 

The arrival of all of that melt water caused the river to raise and broke up the ice, causing an ice jam down river and backed it up to the nearby bridge.  

The warm weather also prompted the arrival of a logging crew.  They started clear cutting the woods across the road from us on state land.  I hate this practice.  I also find it quite ironic that this land which at one time had great access by state game trails was closed to motor vehicles many years ago.  And only 10 years ago when I asked the local DNR for permission to let my Boy Scout Troop camp there that they were too concerned about the impact it would have on the local ecology to let us.  And now THIS ??? 
The melting snow heralded the arrival of local deer herds to the field behind us.  The farmer had planted a cover crop of alfalfa last fall, and on this night wifey counted 148 deer grazing there.  

Bear went with her to protect her and make sure she counted them right. 

At nine days old the bunnies are finally starting to open their eyes and show that they are being well fed by Mom.  

The next night brought only 136 deer back to the field.  Sorry these photos are so poor in quality, but they were a quarter of a mile away and this was the best I could do with my poor camera and photo tools. 

Also on St. Valentine's Day we put our old computer to rest and upgraded to a less ancient one that required me to learn Windows Vista....I am not impressed.  Then due to an unfortunate accident our satelite modem died and we were without the internet for a week.  We have had another snow storm and tonight it is raining.

I guess spring is arriving soon......But not quite yet....March has come in like a watch out later this month !!!!

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warren said...

Clear cut logging rapes everything around no matter how you look at it...streams, roads, view, animals...everything.

I guess the only good thing is that you'll have some awesome blackberries in a few years!