Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easter Bunny Planing

Well it's rabbit breeding time here on the Funny Farm.  I am trying to raise bunnies to sell for pets again this Easter.
I purchased this female Mini Dutch last summer as a bunny for the sole purpose of breeding her to Dutchie.

We had also planned on breeding this female rabbit of unknown parentage (it is almost the size of my 2yr. old Califronia Giant.), that was given to me as a 6 week old bunny in November.

But somehow in the last couple of months she managed to change her sex.  And the worst part is his pen mate was a female Rex rabbit which is now undoubtably pregnant. So Cassie just got a name change to Cassity.  

And since I just got an order for some meat rabbits I guess I won't have to worry about not having enough room.  After I sell the Easter bunnies I plan on breeding my 2 Californian does for more meat rabbits and maybe adding some Flemish Giants or New Zeelands to my stock this summer.
And maybe I ought to get a lighted magnifying glass to better sex the bunnies with.....


Country Girl said...

Nice looking bunnies, kinda miss having them around!

warren said...

I think you have 2 rabbits in a single bunny suit!