Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hunter vs. Sportsmen

If you need this many shots....Go Home and practice.

Saturday was such a beautiful spring day here that after some yardwork Wifey and I had to go for a ride on our golf cart.  We headed around the mile to see some of the wonders of spring, mainly the chirping of frogs that we heard all day. 
Near the center of this picture is a woodland frog.  There are thousands of them in the low lying areas that are now flooded from snowmelt, calling for mates to start the life cycle before these swamps dry up.
These spring wetlands also provide breeding grounds for our State Bird...The Mosquito.


I am blessed to live in an agricultural area that is surrounded by State Game Areas and have access to miles of woodlots.  I have hunted these areas all of my life.  And I am appauled by what has become of them. 
All the comforts of home.

When I as a teenager most of the deer hunting in this area was done by locals who either couldn't afford or didn't have the time to go "Up North" to the prime deer hunting areas because the local deer population was tiny.  Now that our local deer population is so heavy that it has become "The Prime" area to hunt we are innundated with "Sportsmen" and "City Hunters".  Now I need to make a little clarification here, "City Hunters" and "Locals" can be Sportsmen too. I can now understand what the people of Michigan's Upper Peninsula have gone through for centuries and why they refer to all non-locals as "Foriegners".  The local economy gets a boost but is the price really worth it?  This area used to have miles of State Game Trails that rivaled the road system, making for easy access all State Game lands.  You could literally drive through the woods in your car and hunt or picnic with your family secluded from anyone else.  Now the trails are blocked off and parking lots take their place.  Making for miniuriture camp grounds during deer season.

Now that I have set the background, let me tell you what I consider the difference between Hunters and Sportsmen.
A Hunter is a person who takes pride for his actions while in the fair persuit of game.  Who obeys the laws and is respectful of others and the property on which he hunts.  A person who wants the careful  management of game and game lands to better both.  One who respects nature.  And for all of you anti-huters out there, we don't just want to KILL something.  Hunters enjoy the preperation, the search for and the decision of what animal they harvest.  The kill is anti-climatic, the reward of a skillful hunt.  The animal is dispatched in a skillful manner causing as minimal pain possible.  The animal is then taken home and shared with family and friends.  We care about the animals we hunt the way a farmer cares for his herd or flock. Hunting is NOT a sport.
Now for the Sportsman.  This character doesn't care about anything but what he wants.  He has little, if any respect for nature or the game he is going to kill and is only concerned about putting a trophy on the wall or bragging rights to his friends.  He will shoot at anything and everything, without a care as to weather he wounds it to die later, or if it is a doe or fawn.  And he usually leaves a mess.
I know I am in trouble the minute I make this comparrison and I really do NOT like what I am about to say.  Responsible sport fans please excuse me here, I am not referring to you. The same as responsible hunters do not deserve to be classified with the rest when bad press is given out.

Have you ever seen the aftermath of a sporting event?  If you have ever gone to a game, race or whatever and stayed to see what was left behind?  That is a Sportsman.  If you have ever cleaned up after a large party or wedding you will understand what I am talking about.  I was going to title this post "Deer Season Aftermath" but considered it unfair to fellow Hunters.  And heaven only knows that Anti-hunters don't need anymore fuel to add to the fire, but here I go:
Sportsmen tend to group with like minded individuals and hunt en-mass. And my Pappy always told me never to argue with an idiot with a gun, especially if he is or has been drinking.  So how do you confront a Sportsman and tell him of his errors.  I hope the following pictures reveal my sorrow and help change the ways of at least one Sportsman.



Let's cover it up.

Too many years of lazyness.

Target Practice.

Locals no doubt.

Such a pretty view.

Oh look, more!


An idiot with a chain saw.

A little too much campfire wood.

And the reason we have so many Coyotes and other scavengers like this Buzzard.

Antlers removed rest of carcas intact except for scavengers eating.

I have over 20 more photos like this.

The legs and head were nearby.

And another.

And a probable local drop off of the remains of butchering.  7 more of these.

I have many more photos of garbage, litter, destruction, carcases + 1 dog and 1 goat.
And now for the crying shame of it all.... 
This was all from an area of about 1/4 square mile.

I will return to clean up the litter.   


Reddunappy said...

Thank you for having good ethics, it is so sad what some people will leave, and do.

The biggest problem in our woods in recent years are bear grass pickers and the orientals and the mexicans leaving all their garbage and drug syringes etc. in the "camp sites"
The orientals for some reason think that the toilet is next to a stream and cover the areas with toilet paper!!!! Its disgusting and the authorities cant do anything about it because they cant find them and dont have the money and personel to find them.
I think this is one of my pet peeves too!!!! LOL

GreyWolf said...

Hello Red, Welcome back.
Yes it relly is a shame that the first cut to the budget is law enforcement. Our state has so few DNR officers that it's a wonder they don't just throw the whole plan out the window. I called our Report All Poachers Hotline one night only to have it answered by the cleaning lady. No one else was there. Nobody worked nights!

warren said...

That sucks. We used to clean up messes like that after folks from the city hunted our woods when I was a kid. It's a darn shame but there is about no way to change it. the same people doing the mess are usually not folks you could approach and converse with in a reasonable manner...darn shame...

GreyWolf said...

That's for sure Warren.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am really happy to find this. Good job!