Friday, April 29, 2011

New Kids on the Farm

Meet Peaches and Fern.  We purchased them Wednesday morning and haven't had a moments rest since.

Fern is a 7 week old Toggenburg/Saanen cross.
Note Bear in the background.

Peaches is a 2 week old Boer/Saanen cross.

Fern thinks the world is hers to rule and acts the spoiled Princess role.
She is very smart and inquisitive.  She also loves to eat paper and plastic and has eyesight to rival an eagle.

Peaches is the traumatized baby, she had been de-budded the night
before we bought her, and had her last meal from mom that morning. 

We cannot get her to feed from a bottle.  We have tried everything
we can think of and have seeked help from the internet.  She eats hay
well enough and nibbles on Goat Chow and grass, but we know she 
needs goat milk too.  Any suggestions? 

For now we are raising them in the Pallet Palace, today we transferred the rabbits to our garage storage area.  Fern pointedly ignores us when we enter this door, but cries pittiously when we leave.  It really is heartwrenching and she carries on for up to 20 minutes. This troubles poor old Bear who thinks he is their mother (much to the goats dismay) and tries to get in to them.  But the goats don't trust my big black male dog yet.   Neither does my wife !!!  


Kelly said...

Try a different nipple. We have had kids that like the pritchard teat and some who prefered the regular nipple from a human baby bottle. Congrats on your new babies! Life will never be the same. Let us know how they do.

GreyWolf said...

Thanks Kelly, we will give it a try. We have been trying both the goat & sheep pritchard nipple but the little brat has learned to bite down on them to cut off the milk flow. I now understand why they call them KIDS.....