Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let the Fighting Begin

In this corner weighing just a few pounds, is Peaches the current champion.
I never knew that you could cross a goat with a mule, but here she is.
Her opponnents again are 2 humans weighing..........just never you mind !!!  

The referee is giving last minute instructions.......

and called in an assistant to monitor unorthodox holds.

It looks like the champ is going down ..............

But no, after the initial pinning she kicks out and repells the bottle !!!
For the next three rounds she continued her defense against the brutal
intrusion of the nipple and repelled all attemps to force milk into her system.

The winer and still champion....Peaches


Kelly said...

It looks like the humans do not have the upper hand in this situation. Mamma's milk and teat is so much better. Maybe Peaches knows best. If she is eating grain you can dust the grain with the milk powder. Goats can be pushy and strong. That is why we love them sooooo much.

GreyWolf said...

Kelly: Well we got 3 oz. of milk down her this afternoon using a regular baby bottle. That was a real struggle, but it was more successful than either the goat or sheep Prichard nipple. We will try again tonight, and maybe I will try a little honey on the nipple.
She doesn't eat enough grain to make a difference. They are both very cute but very different personalities.