Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weather or NOT

A nice swarm of mosquitoes caused by our local weather - heat and rain.
But I hope that cooler temps may slow down the build up of our local population.

Current weather

52°F Cloudy
High 58°
Low 40°
Humidity 82%

Five-day forecast

Hi: 65°

Lo: 51°

May 25 Thursday
Hi: 55°

Lo: 44°

May 26 Friday
Hi: 57°

Lo: 45°

May 27 Saturday
Hi: 64°

Lo: 48°

May 28 Sunday

Hi: 68°

Lo: 48°

May  29 Monday

The winds and rain have stopped our county's efforts at mosquito abatement, however I did get them to come out and fog my property.  For all of the good it did I might as well have not bothered.  When they showed up there was hardly a mosquito to  be seen. I think they had tapped the phone line. But the next day they were back with a vengeance.


And they brought their friends the black-flies, midges and other biting bugs.  I just doesn't pay to tick them off !!!  And speaking of OFF....it doesn't work either...

I guess that before I go outside today I had better load up the shotgun, maybe I will have better luck shooting them.  But first I had better check with the DNR and see if I need a special license.

But I probably better just get used to this....

....as our gardens are only half planted and when the rain finally quits and the ground dries enough we will have to venture out and finish them.


Jessica said...

I hope the mosquitos don't keep you from getting your garden planted!

Reddunappy said...

I hate mosquitos!!! grrrrr I swear one landed on me the other day thats leg span was a big as a quarter! You have about the same temps goin on as we do, bugs are going to be bad!! The yellow jackets have been feverishly building nests too! I keep spraying them and knocking them down!!

Reddunappy said...

OH when I started getting those oriental gibberish posts, I had to turn on the word verify to stop them.

GreyWolf said...

Jessica: Welcome and thanks for leaving a comment. No we never let the bugs keep us from gardening. Now the weather however...

Red: Sorry to hear you have the same weather...it's not fun.
The mosquitoes so far this year have been horrible but hopefully we don't have your problem with yellow jackets too. The wasps here are bad enough

warren said...

Just wear your winter coat all summer...

Kelly said...

I understand where you are coming from. I scratch my black fly bites between writing comments. Grrrrr