Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dancing Goat Girls

We have been goat parents for 2 weeks now and just love to watch the antics provided by these two.
When we let them out in the morning they run around the yard in circles and then jump on the picnic table and dance around for a few minutes before repeating the perfomance.

It is very difficult to get a good picture of this performance and even the dismounts just don't turn out looking quite right.  They don't just dance on the picnic table....
my golf cart also gets abused by their antics.

And now they have taken to riding on it with us too.

Even Wifey's little rock garden gets a workout.

But things are settling down to a routine, the fight is over and Peaches now not only accepts her bottle but even asks for it in her own little way, she will come up to Wifey and start sucking on her fingers.
She is now drinking 8 - 10 oz. per feeding and is a regular little eating machine.  She is less dependant on Fern for moral support and doesn't mind going off on her own to graze.
Fern on the other hand is both jealous and concieted.  She always has to be the center of attention and has no qualms about pushing poor little Peaches around to get it.  But she is a very lovable goat, who just happens to crave attention.  She is also as stuborn as a mule.  And for the last few days has started nipping us.  That will have to stop. 
We had a BBQ party for my youngest daughter who came home from Florida for a short visit.  The goat girls were the hit of the party.  My sister's 3 little grandsons who were at first scared of them, soon started feeding Fern from their plates ( note to self :  DO NOT ALLOW DORITOS AT ANY FAMILY FUNCTIONS HELD HERE ).  Fern is now a full blown DORITOS junkie and will stop at NOTHING to get them.  She also has a strange attraction for BUDWEISER and I am afraid that if she ever gets a sample will indeed become an alcoholic immediatly. 
I can see it all now:  Fern laying on her sloppy hay couch, scratching her beerbelly and bellowing at Peaches to go out and get a better job to support her ever increasing Bud and Doritos habit. Not a prettry sight.
Maybe that is why she is nipping us.....Dorito Withdrawl

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Hi, sorry that I didn't respond, missed that part. At the bottom of day 1 post is a link.
Great information and a very enjoyable weekend. Let me know if you attend.