Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter Fun ?

Winter is here. Yesterday we spent all day cutting firewood and cleaning the stinky duck pen. PEW, they are as nasty as pigs.
We have been trying to get everything ready for winter, but still are far behind. Haven't even got the storm windows on yet.
Fern's HAPPY face.

The goaty girls are fascinated with the snow. Peaches has a nice thick coat and isn't bothered too much by the cold, but Fern has a very thin coat and does a lot of shivering out in the cold wind. I guess I will have to make her a blanket coat to use when she is outside.
It was nice enough yesterday to let all of the animals out, there were patches of grass for them to feed in. Since the leaves have fallen from the trees the girls have been eating grass too. The ducks were also liking the snow for a little while but then their feet must have got cold and they all went back inside. The poor turkeys were confused and trying to mate. Evidently they can't tell the beginning of winter from the end. The terrorists (our Guineas) were everywhere and for the first time since the young ones were born, didn't bother the other animals. They also went in last night without any coaxing, another first. It normally takes at least half an hour of chasing to get them inside, and thats not until it gets dark. Last night they went in while it was still light out. We didn't even have to chase the chickens inside, so everyone must have been looking forward to the warmth of the coop. I know we were more than ready to get in out of the cold.
Two weeks ago Wifey had a little accident with the golf cart and sprained her knee. She was going too fast and turned too tight and fell off the cart. It is doing better now, but for a few days all she could do was hobble from her chair to the bathroom and back. I on the other hand had been bragging that it had been a long time since I had fallen. So Monday I fell four times, twice my leg gave out, then I forgot about the trailer hitch on the truck sticking out so far and then got my finger caught in the collar of a hungry goat. I was trying to hold the goats back so Wifey could pour feed into their pan. Peaches may be small but she is VERY powerful. Her Boer goat lineage insures that all 80 pounds of her is all muscle. She twisted around so fast twice and was pulling so hard that I thought for sure she had broken my finger. She knocked me off my feet and Wifey was hollering that I was choking her. My poor finger was twisted in that collar so tight that Lynn had to undo the collar to get us free from one another. It is still swollen and sore.
 Note to self: NEVER get between a goat and her food. And keep your fingers out of the collar.


Kelly said...

It must have been the alignment of the moon and stars or something. At least your wife had something interesting happen. She fell off a golf cart. You were dragged by crazed goats. I just fell in a hole. No, I wasn't drinking. I have to work on my story. Hope you both are feeling better. ;)

robin said...

Sorry for your finger, and you wife's tumble but it did bring a giggle...

GreyWolf said...

Kelly: Geez I wasn't even going to bring up your drinking problem.
But since YOU did; Maybe if you were drinking you wouldn't have hurt yourself. A little medicinal brandy every now and then really wouldn't hurt. Being it's winter I also keep a little brown jug of Dr. Dillon's cure all handy too.

Robin: Yes it is kinda funny when you think about it.

warren said...

Horny turkeys...that's just funny!

So, you might want to consider hibernating just so you can survive until spring!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've learned the hard way never to laugh at a spouse that falls down...or be prepared. Karma sucks.
I'm glad the wifey is ok and that your finger didn't break.
Fern's face is funny and cute at the same time. What a character. Yeah, geese are just nasty. I avoid visiting any parks that have a lakes with geese. You can't walk or sit down anywhere for fear of those huge stinkin' piles. bleh!


Reddunappy said...

Oh ouch, hope your wife gets better soon!
You have Scovies! LOL I love Muscovies, we used to have some, my daughter raised them when she was still at home.
Watch those goaties!! LOL

Endeaver to stay upright!! LOL

MissKay said...

Fern is just so cute!!! I hope that your Wifey and your clumbsiness is over lol! Can't have both of you hurt at the same time! Who would feed little Fernie? :)

Stevie said...

Yech! I hate when it gets cold enough that the Muscovies move into the barn for the winter. They're usually happier on the pond and I am unhappy with their big fat poops om my milkstand in the barn!
Stevie @