Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It Just Ain't Right

(Pardon my dirty windows)
Yes this IS Michigan and the thermometer is right,

38 degrees yesterday with a light breeze and 54 the day before, but with a strong cold wind.  Today it was cooler, about 36 and the wind chill factor brought it down to 25 degrees.  Tomorrow and the next day are supposed to be mid-40's.  And this isn't our normal January thaw which we always look forward to.
This winter has been exceedingly mild so far and far from the norm.  We've had very little snow and any accumulations only last a couple of days.  We normally have measured snow by the foot at this time instead of just a couple of inches.  What the heck is going on???

The poor rose bush hasn't even lost all of it's leaves yet.
They are still growing.

I am beginning to wonder now if there is something to that Aztec Calendar thing.  Oh, I have known about it for the past 40 years......but when you are a kid you never think you will ever get THAT old.   And believe me, with some of the stupid things I've done and survived, it was amazing that I ever reached my 20's !!!
But those are for another time, if ever.  Anyhow at my advanced age and condition I am not so sure I want to know.  I mean, sure, IF I knew that the Aztecs were right and the world was going to end by Dec.22 or whatever,  I would borrow tons of money and max out all of the credit cards I could get my hands on and do everything on my bucket list before then.  But then you would be counting down the days and minutes.
The stress would be horrifying.
No I think I will just stay away from the TV and News shows for this year and live out my simple life on the farm.  Even though it's not really a farm or so simple either.

For instance, Wifey and I are still coughing and hacking.  We have good days and bad, with the body aches and other flu symptoms, but the animals still have to be cared for.  Yesterday we both were having a "good" day and decided that we had better clean out the rabbit pens and.....(horrifying).....the ducks pen !!!    You know, I had completely forgotten just how nasty smelling ducks are, and how messy.  The last time we had ducks I also had cheap slave labor ( yes Angie, I am referring to you ?)  and children can be bribed or coerced into doing the nasty jobs.
Since I couldn't afford the first, it was usually the latter.  And a strong teenage girl has nothing better to do anyway....right?  Since my children have all grown and run away from I mean left home, I got stuck doing the job myself.
Wifey decided that the rabbit pens were a lot less smelly than she normally thinks they are, and snuck (or properly sneaked) off to do them after we got all set up to do the ducks pen.  But before all of that we let the whole zoo out to enjoy a great winters day.....

First it was the goaty girls.

Then the ducks.  They were so happy to get outside to flap around.

Then the guineas....

and the chickens, herded over by Peaches.  She LOVES her chickens.

Until she just couldn't help herself from running through them.

And finally the turkeys, this is Pretty Boy Floyd.
One of the hens is sitting on 12 eggs at the moment
and the other is off running with her chicken friends.
Yes Warren, turkey sex.


Melodie said...

I wouldn't count out winter yet,we still have most of January and all of February...I keep having a nagging fear Mother Nature is going to make us pay for these warm sunny winter days!
Ducks stink!Turkey sex is an odd and clumsy looking ritual. Goats are the best!
Hope you all continue feeling better after you sickness.

GreyWolf said...

Melodie: Oh, I am not counting it out, and like you I am sure we will pay for all of this nice weather. Here in MI we usually have snow right up to Easter, sometimes much later.

warren said...

Turkeys and gators...and as warm as it is up there...rabbits too!It's weird weather-wise here too though I don't really mind. I think I should live in South Florida really...plus I look great in a bikini!