Monday, January 2, 2012

What Makes YOU Smile ?

Happy New Year from Fern-enstien.  She has been pretty miserable for the last week because Wifey and I have been sick with the flu and she hasn't been getting her minimum daily requirement of human companionship or outdoor play-time.

Since I have been forced to stay indoors, I have had some free time to play on the computer, and happened to come across the "Jose Cuervo" page that let you design your own personal bottle label.  I couldn't help but paste this photo on it.  Now seriously, wouldn't you buy a bottle of Tequila with a label like that?
What a happy face.

And with the cold weather we have been having, Fern gets the shivers when she goes outside.  She would probably enjoy a little shot anti-freeze before stepping outside in the snow and rain and wind.  She has such  a light coat compared to Peaches, who just loves this weather, so far.

Wifey and I both got sick a week ago last Friday, and today seems to be the turning point.  We both feel like we just might survive this thing now.  The coughing and sneezing have abated somewhat and the wheezing has lessened.  Our sinuses aren't dripping as much and our throats and airways don't feel like they are on fire anymore.  And the headaches are GONE.  I guess the medicinal alcohol did it's job.  Nothing like Old Dr. Dillon's Cure-all in the little brown jug.  A hot tattie before bedtime really helps.  For those of you not quite sure of what I am saying:  1 double shot of whiskey  poured into a cup of steaming water.  Sip that as hot as you can stand it, as fast as you can.  Then jump into bed and cover up well.  You will probably have to get up during the night to change your bedclothes because of all of the sweating you will be doing.

Neither one of us felt up to going to the doctor's office and sitting for hours waiting to be seen so we treated ourselves at home instead.  If things continue to go well, maybe we will be able to celebrate Christmas next weekend.  That is if our kids and grand-kids are over this stuff too.  Oh Yeah, EVERYONE has it.

Well wishing you a very Happy New Year,  stay well.


Melodie said...

That is terrible when the sickness hits everybody,ugg. I am glad you are feeling on the mend! I would buy just about anything with a picture of a goat on it,lol!

robin said...

So happy you are on the mend. Nothing is harder than when everyone is ill, there is no one to complain to that is willing to listen! Happy New Year, may it be a healthy and happy one

GreyWolf said...

Melodie: I knew I could count on your support for the label.

Robin: Isn't that the truth. And thanks. Many happy returns.

warren said...

Count me in on the label! She's pretty adorable. Get well!