Sunday, June 1, 2008

Down On The Farm

Due to the slowness of our internet provider and the author of this site, it has been a long time since my last post.
Well it was decided to rebuild the old chicken coop, which has kept us pretty busy. Along with all of the other daily routines and help from our son and son-in-laws we have finally made it liveable for the chickens. Still not quite done with the exterior and maybe extending the outside pen which is sort of semi-permanate.
Since the last post Lynn bought yet more chicks 3 more Grey Leghorns and 6 Americanas. We lost 2 to disease and 1 to our dog Harley who just played with it too hard when it flew into his pen. We gave 12 to my brother and are left with 42 which still makes very overcrowded living for the rest until it comes time to thin the herd.
Our latest drop-off dog, Smeagol the Beagle, (named after "the Lord of the Rings" character Golem/Smeagol) likes her chickens "Raw and Wriggling" and almost got 2 chickens, but we managed to save them before any damage was done to them. So we had to put a top over the pen to keep the chickens from excaping and becoming food and play toys.
Lynn really enjoys caring for her flock.

Spring has been so cold and windy with too many late frosts and freezes that the garden is suffering and Lynn's seedling's have had to spend too much time indoors and are dying off fast. She is very dishearted that all of her hard work is for naught.
Most of the trees and shrubs we planted this year and our fruit trees we planted last year have died from weather variances and drought.
We are now both exhausted mentally and physically and our poor old bodies are suffering from the abuses we have put upon them for the last 2 months.
But we do have our bright spots when the grandkids come over. A couple of days ago we had them for the afternoon and Aden named our large sand hill that was left over from the big burning pit we had dug last year as "Dirty Mountain" . (We had planed on burning our vast amount of tree branches that has accumulated over the last few years from tree trimming and downed branches and cut down trees. But all of the waste and junk from the old chicken coop has filled it too full to burn now.) Anyway she was bound and determined to climb the mountain. And she did. I had wanted Lynn to get a picture of this event, but she didn't check to see if the batteries were in the camera, which they weren't, so I have no photo to insert here. My grandson Ethan is enthused with my electric wheelchair and quickly figured ot how to drive it from my lap. It won't be long and I will have to be careful not to leave it unattended when he is over.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics dad! And yes, you better keep an eye on the grandson of yours!! ;)