Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

The pick-up truck the kids aquired and fixed up for my birthday last year has been a great help around here. It has become a real farm truck and is a great asset. We find more and more uses for it daily.
Lynn really loves HER truck. It is a big powered garden cart and holds all of her seeds, plants, manure, compost, hoes, rakes, shovels and still has room for a 55 gallon water drum with a hose attached to it, which we use to water both the garden and the trees. We use it to haul yard debris and junk from our building projects. It's used to haul supplies that we can't fit in our van and lately I have been using it haul my son's trailer to bring home wooden pallets that I plan to use for building a garden shed, a lawn tractor shed, and a deer blind. It has come in handy for Eric and Sarah when their vehicles broke down and they needed something to drive. We even actually drive it just for fun every now and then. Even the chickens get use out of it; they use it for shade when it’s not in use for other things.

Yes we LOVE our truck; and those responsible for it. My son-in-law has no idea how much we appreciate his wonderful birthday gift; and all of the hard work him and my son did on it to get it up and running. I can't thank them enough. They have made life a whole lot easier here on our 5 acre farm.

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farm mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! Glad you're still enjoying the truck. This year your b'day gift is just as practical, and will be hopefully arriving on your doorstep soon! :)