Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hallowe'en Birthday Party

My sister Mary was born on Nov. 1 and her favorite holiday is of course Hallowe'en.
So we had a surprise birthday party for her disguised as a Hallowe'en Party.

Here's the Birthday Girl

and again with her crown.
Her sister and Bro-in-law
Her OLDEST brother with his camoflaged back to the camera, her husband in the blue wizard suit.
Even her 80 year old Dad and Step-mother were there.
As was her Mother-in-law and her 1 year old Grandson.

My Granddaughter

My Grandson

My youngest Daughter

And of course me.


frugalmom said...

Look at everyone all dressed up! How fun. And even a picture of grey Wolf....can it be? Is it so?

Anonymous said...

How fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that pic of you dad!! :) You know the kids were afraid of you at first that night!! :)

GreyWolf said...

Hi Maude: Don't tell everyone!!!
I hate having my picture taken as much as showing it online. However since Agnes decided to post a photo of herself; I figured I might as well too.

Pine Pod Farm: Yes it was, once I had my little hissy fit about dressing in a costume:)

Ang: Glad you liked it, I thought it was a pretty decent photo too. Otherwise it wouldn't have gotten posted.

frugalmom said...

Awww...how supportive you are of Agnes. See, Agnes...see how much he loves you?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

No way! She can't be 50! She looks at least 10 yrs younger. Lucky her!

What a fantabulous party! And what a great party theme idea, too.
I love theme parties, though never figure out how to plan one so it's not corny and people will want to participate. lol!

Ya know what? You are one cool-looking dude and totally not what I was expecting at all.

I'm not sure exactly what I WAS expecting, but not someone so handsome and with such vitality.

You must be as tough as a rock with courage and strength to boot, to be able to rise above your pain while still looking young and not weary and worn down.
I'm sure your sense of humor helps a bit too :)

I'm so happy to finally meet you 'face-to-face' now.

Yo, Ho, Ho....Argghhh....and really bad eggs!

(Did you see Pirate's of the Caribbean?)(I know. Lame, eh?)



GreyWolf said...

Lisa: Yes I saw the whole series of the movies.
Thank You for all of the compliments, (although now I'll have to go to a head shrinker... ;P .)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Aaaargh - what a handsome scalliwag you've turned out to be! And your sister looks like a kick in the pants! (that's a good thing, btw). I want to come party at your house! Aden and Ethan are adorable - as usual.
That was so much fun being introduced to (almost) your entire family...however, I need to ask, where was Mrs. Greywolf? And where was our pal, Agnes? Hiding from the camera again, I suppose? Twasn't a blonde in sight in any of those pics. I *know* you were there, agnes....

GreyWolf said...

Dorothy: Mrs.Grey Wolf learned long ago that "She Who Holds The Camera Is Not In ANY Photos".
And Agnes gets her camera shyness from a good teacher.
There was a "blond" there besides the grand kids. My youngest daughter, but she now colors her hair BLACK.
I did get a photo of the Mrs. but she threatened me with dire consequences if I was to post it. Better safe than sorry. Yes I'm a coward, but he who runs away lives to blog another day. ;)

Country Girl said...

Looks like fun. Halloween is a fun time of year to celebrate a birthday. Sorry for all the comments on your blog tonight...I've fallen behind reading and I'm playing catch up.