Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just What I Needed...NOT

Ever since I hurt my left shoulder back in July (see previous post: Saturday, July 19, 2008
My Last Fishing Trip...and fall ) I have been having pain and impaired movement. This has caused severe setback in the things I had planned on accomplishing before winter. Especially the building of a garden shed and an A-frame storage shed for my lawn tractor and equipment.

I finally went to my Dr. in hopes of getting a cortizone shot in my shoulder as I have had many times before for the pain. Instead he sent me for an MRI. Then I got a call from his office saying that my results were in but the Dr. was going to be out of town for the next 2 weeks and set me up with an appointment for next Monday. But not to worry as nothing was serious on the MRI results.

Well I had a chiropractic visit yesterday and he read me the copy he received of the results.
The tendon from my upper shoulder blade muscle to the shoulder is partially torn and the tendon from the mid shoulder blade muscle is completely torn. The shoulder joint has moderate osteo arthritis as does the connection of the collar bone which is causing inflammation to the bursa. He also informed me that my Dr. will probably recommend that I have surgery to reconnect the torn tendons and possibly the removal of the arthritis spurs causing the inflammation. All in all my shoulder was pretty messed up!

Not exactly the news I was hoping for. So now I can't wait for my Dr. visit on Monday!
Nothing "serious"; indeed!

Now where did I put my old buddy Jack.
Daniels that is.....


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

OH NO!!! Say is isn't so Grey Wolf. That just bites!

If I were you I'd probably drink myself into a stupor, too!

My Dad ended up with a torn rotator cuff years ago from overdoing it building a million dollar tree house for my boys.

He had so much pain and then had to go through surgery and months of rehab.
It all happened right around this same time of year, too. Weird.
I sure hope the process you end up going through is easy on you and mostly pain free.

Let everyone dote and wait on you.

If I were there I'd even fan your brow and hand feed you grapes.
(You do like grapes, right? Or is wine better?)

Feel better and heal quick!


GreyWolf said...

Lisa: Grapes are good, but wine will probably more appropriate.
If surgery "is" in the future maybe I will have to come there
to recuperate! ;)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sure ya can! And we don't put our guests and friends to work. You can just sit back and watch the chickens peck and crow...or take a nap in my hammock out by the Woolies' paddock. I'll set out that bottle of wine for ya, and a nice big straw. lol!

Feel better!

farm mom said...

Sheesh dad! You're the strongest person I know. How is it you can walk around for months with your shoulder barely attached?! You give a whole new meaning to "high pain tolerance." I hope you can recover easily from this surgery dad. LOVE YOU! xoxo

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow - no wonder you're in so much pain. You poor thing...well, you've definitely got my sympathy. Is surgery a sure thing or do you have any other options at this point? If I lived closer, I'd offer to help you build that dern shed. And, heck, let me offer the services of my pal, Marcee-frugalmom, too, I'm certain she knows how to wield a hammer. And if not, we'll just have her push the wheelbarrow. Oh, and Agnes...Agnes will for sure be there to help. Now see? You've got your own personal Farmgirl TEAM on your side!
And Jack...good ol' Jack...that's my husband's very fave, too. :-)

GreyWolf said...

Agnes: NO...the question is how can I walk around at all...or better yet WHY do I walk around at all. I don't seem to do a very good job at it.
And changing that flat tire today was a real challenge to the old tolerance level.
As I have told you me & MR.Pain have known each other very well for as long as I can remember, and that's a long dang time.

Danni: Thanks for the sympathy and cheering me up.
The surgery is going to be a very "iffy" issue. My cardiologist says no surgeries for the next 10 months due to the medication PLAVIX that I am taking since my last stent implant. My Physiologist says because of my Post Polio Syndrome that I should have no unnecessary surgeries. But since it IS my strong arm and since with PPS they say if you don't use it you WILL lose it, but of couse if you OVER use it you will lose it too, I am caught right in the middle again. Right there between the rock and the hard place. I NEED those muscles to work as long as possible in order to do the things I want to do while I can still do them.

frugalmom said...

It appears I am late to the party...I am so used to this. Count me in. I can help. Or at least I can boss everyone around. But then, Danni is right. I am good with a hammer...and even better with a for sure btwn all of us we would have all the stuff done in no time.

GreyWolf said...

Marcee: Where are ya girl????
Danni is volunteering you again!!!
I need some help finding ol' Jack, he's hiding on me again. If you come help me find him, we will kill him together...LOL

Actually he's in the fridge chillin' just like he has been for the last many years. Hardly touched at all, only for medicinal purpose, as a last resort. But I admitt to tasting for quality occaisionally.