Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Last Fishing Trip...and fall

Eric Ryan and I made another trip to the pond to go fishing and again I took no camera. The little bluegill were about all that was biting and it took all of our skill just to catch a few decent sized ones. Then I started catching bullheads. AND I SPOTTED WALTER. When I threw my line out he started to go after it and then changed his mind in a hurry and swam off. He’s learning, maybe he will live to be a ripe old age after all.
In the mean time Eric had spotted a couple of big snapping turtles and had one start feeding on the bluegill he had caught. Since it was opening day of turtle season I told him to catch it and we would take it home for dinner. One bullhead and three bluegill later he finally caught it and it was huge, well over the leagal size of a 14 inch shell. I don’t know how his line kept from breaking. We managed to get a stringer around its head and Eric started for the truck, dragging his turtle behind him on its back. From many years of experience I have found this the easiest and safest method.

Now every time we have came to the pond I have managed to fall. And this time was no exception. Only this time I REALLY made a mess of myself. Re-injuring my poor old left shoulder, badly spraining my left thumb, and scraping my right shin like hamburger.
And the sad part was that I could have prevented it if I had taken my time crossing over a downed log. But NO, I was too excited about the turtle and getting it back home.
By the time we got the turtle put in a cage for the night and all of my fishing stuff put away I was in serious pain and my thumb was so swollen I couldn’t move it.
Ice didn’t seem to be helping either.

Wednesday morning was Lynn’s chiropractor visit and I got a quick treatment too. Then we went shopping. I was amazed at how much relief I got from that treatment on my shoulder and thumb and as the day went on it kept getting better.
Later I killed and cleaned the turtle. It was as much work as I remembered and the process took all afternoon. When I was done Lynn asked if it was worth all the trouble and I said least I hope so! I guess I will find out when it’s finally cooked.

Sadly again no photos and I even forgot to measure it. I MUST be getting senile too !!! NOPE. I'm blaming it on the medications !!!

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Twinville said...

Oh no! Sorry about the fall. Glad you got the turtle. Bet you fell because you still feel young. It's a shame the body likes to remind us that wer'e not as young as we think we are, eh?

Oh! I trotted over here from Farm Mom's blog just to say THANKS for sharing all of your knowledge on culling and butchering chickens. And your humor and great comments are alays a bright spot on her blog, too.
I can SO see you as that tough looking lion with a soft and gentle heart. :)