Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Fish Fry

Well it was a beautiful day for an outside fish-fry. I spent the morning making my homemade version of the old KFC coleslaw for the event and defrosting tons of fish. We had about 200 bluegill fillets plus 40 largemouth bass fillets from last year, the whole 32 inch pike Eric caught this year and most of the 27 inch catfish I caught last year. Lynn was busy cleaning house and getting everything ready for the event. Before everyone started arriving we had to corral the very uncooperative chickens and pen them up. And put the dogs in their pen.

Eric, Andrea and Sarah came over early to help get things going. Eric and Lynn set up the picnic tables and prepared to fry French fries outside. Sarah, Andrea and I started breading fish to cook inside. Our best friends Beth and Jeff arrived along with their daughter Emily and her fiancé Chris.
Angie and Eric brought the grandkids Aden and Ethan plus our granddog Ginger. My buddy Dan also blessed us with his presence.

Well cooking got going into full swing. Sarah was pan frying fish, while Andrea and I took turns with the electric deep fryer and breading more fish. Lynn was deep frying French fries outside as fast as she could and when she was done with them she started frying fish too. When all was said and done we had enough leftovers to send everyone home with lots of fish. And Lynn was afraid we weren’t going to have enough....HA.

Aden and Ethan had fun hand feeding leftover French fries to the chickens and I think their dog had plenty too. Everyone was stuffed so I think it was a successful event. Even Andrea who doesn’t really care for fish seemed to enjoy the meal. Sarah fell in love with the pike and I am sure she will be after her brother to go catch more.

I’ve had 2 meals of leftover fish and still have enough for 2 more, and I’ll be eating coleslaw all week.
And again, I failed to take any pictures.

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