Saturday, July 19, 2008

And Life Goes On....

Well life sure has been “interesting” (from the old Chinese curse, ”may you lead an interesting life”.) these past 2 weeks. My cousin John (Uncle Sonny) Mihasci died and then a couple of days later my dad’s last and youngest brother Jerry followed suit. Two funerals in one week is too much. Then last Saturday we went to Angie’s to help butcher chickens. Eric had constructed a chicken plucker that I couldn’t wait to see in operation. And they had some other new methods of butchering that I was also curious about. See Angie’s blog site listed to the right as childreninthecorn.
Monday and Tuesday we spent in the garden weeding, watering, and picking beans and peas. Until son Eric called about going fishing. Well gardening was done for me. (see next Blog entry)
I also had to start increasing my blood pressure medications for my upcoming Cardiac CTA scan. By Tuesday I was taking four times my usual dose and was not feeling up to doing much, just too tired from the lowered blood pressure and the high heat and humidity sure didn’t help much either. Thursday I had the CTA scan and was wasted from the high amounts of medication it took to lower my heart-rate below 65. Friday my blood pressure was still low but heart rate is real high, but I went back on my normal meds anyway. I have to go to see my Dr. today (Friday) to get my raging ear infection re-checked so I will see what he has to say about my blood pressure too. And have him check out my scraped up leg.
Well the Dr. visit was scary. I wore shorts to the office so he would see my leg just in case I forgot to say something and when he walked into the room I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He stopped and stared and then immediately checked out my leg and said he should put me in the hospital for this infection. But decided to try and treat it first. I have to go back to him Tuesday for a follow up on it. Then he showed me the results from my CTA and had more bad news. At least 2 of my stents are blocked and another artery looked bad too. So he is setting me up for a cardiac catherization with my cardiologist. Then he looked in my ears and said the infection there wasn’t getting any better there either. So its more meds and wait.

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