Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Chasers

Can you spot the chicken chasers in this photo?

How about now?
Or maybe here!
No, there!
We picked up the grandkids Saturday night and took them to the Fireworks Display which they enjoyed very much. Then kept them overnight, and EARLY Sunday morning they decided to go out with Grandma to let the chickens out. Well they must have decided that our chickens were a little too fat for their own good and started chasing them all over the yard. Even their refuge under the pine tree wasn't safe, nor was their pen or chicken coop either.
After repeated requests for them to leave the chickens alone and getting no response, we had to insist when Mr. Rooster (our Barnyard Bully) raced after an unsuspecting Aden and almost attacked her. Luckily he was stopped by Grandma's scream.
So then they had to find other ways to amuse themselves.
Like terrorizing the goldfish pond, by filling it with stones for the fishes, and sticks for Mr. Froggy (who was finally put outside after spending the winter and most of the spring in a terrarium, see earlier post X-mas Frog).
Later Ethan found other ways to amuse himself.
But it just wasn't as much fun, so.....


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Sorry you had to deal with such little monsters dad! Great pics though!

A Changed Woman said...

Looks like you guys had a fun filled day!!

GreyWolf said...

Not monsters, just a little tired and cranky, oh and maybe the kids were too!!! LOL

Twinville said...

Grandparents are great! My kids spent a MONTH with their grandparents recently. I can just picture my parents splayed out on the lazy boys with eyes crossed after their grands went back home. hehehe