Saturday, October 18, 2008

Raising Kane

Last night we started watching my son's dog Kane while him and his wife went on their anniversary vacation. This is our first experience watching Kane and his first time being away from his family since they got him, except for an overnight stay at the vets after he was neutered. And surprisingly Harley has been getting along pretty good with him. Kane enjoys rough housing and Harley has been his main sparring partner. Until he gets worn out or Kane gets too rough, then Harley puts him in his place.

What?....were just playing!!!

And the chase is on again....

OK! Fine!....I'll quite for a little while....

at least 'till you turn your back.

Now this has been a role reversal for Harley as he is usually the one rough housing with poor ol' Bear. Bear has been trying to stay out of the way, but sometimes has been joining in for a little action himself.

And Kain has been harassing our cats as well, both the inside and the outside ones.

And the chickens. And our cockatiel. And when all else fails there is always Me and Ma to whine at and nibble on when we put our 2 dogs out for a rest or potty break.

So Kane has been raising Kain continuously since he has been here. Except for a 2 hour nap with Ma this afternoon. Since his nap he has been doing pretty well, and calmed down to about half speed. Neither him or Ma got much rest last night as he was constantly jumping on and off the bed. But he has been listening pretty well to her today and really seems to have taken to her. Whenever she went outside and left him in, he went nuts, whining and trying to get out, until she finally came back in. Here are some of the pictures she took while taking care of the animals.

Our bunnies, all 6 of them.

A Rhode Island Red hen.

A Grey Leghorn hen.

Our mammoth egg suspect.

Again next to a Barred Rock hen.

This is Stew. Our Barred Rock roo. He is KING of the yard or at least He thinks he is. But he has been attacking my wife a lot lately and she is ready to pot him.

That will make this guy the last remaining roo. He is our Americana, and a sly and crafty fellow he is. Always on the run from Stew, and always looking for an opportune hen. He will provoke Stew into chasing him and then run him far away from the hens and into the tall weeds. Then he will lose him and head back for a lightning attack on the hens, before Stew can make it back. And then the cycle continues until Stew finally catches him and puts him in his place.

Well it's about time to try and get another nights sleep. Tomorrow will be our last day for watching Kane. I think Ma will miss him too.


Anonymous said...

Great pics guys! See, you r human grandbabies are not nearly as hard as the canine ones, right? (btw...did you ever find your keys from our last visit?!)

GreyWolf said...

I updated with even more pics.
Well.....sometimes they are about even...LOL

What keys? Haven't had time to look for them yet!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awesome action shots, Grey Wolf!
Looks like Kane is having a terrific time raising kane. lol!
He's such a handsome fella, too.
But, poor kitties and permanent dog residents. Sounds like Kane will be missed, though.

So, I want to know how'd you end up with 6 bunnies and what your plans are for them: composted bunny manure, food, pets?
They are very cute.

What a bunch of lucky chickens getting to have a fancy sunken living room to snuggle down into at night. Which architect came up with that spiffy design?


GreyWolf said...

Lisa: ah yes,he is missed already.

The bunnies were bought for the purpose of manure, BUT now wifey wants to breed them for meat too!
SO, we will have to get more stock as these are 3 sis and 3 bros.

The chicken coop is VERY old and was here when my inlaws bough it in 1962. It was a roofless shambles when I met wifey ten years later, and had not gotten any better until I finally repaired it in 1986. We used it to house chickens,ducks & rabbits for a few years and then as a storage shed until a tree that grew behind and under the foundation was uprooted in a wind storm that took down 9 trees on the 5 acre farm. So it was a mess again when we rebuilt the roof and repaired the foundation and walls this spring.

Now wifey wants to add on to it so we can increase our flock (since our egg business keeps increasing) and to make more room for rabbits.