Saturday, January 24, 2009


It seems that it passed quietly in the night, without so much as a dying gasp. I didn't realize it was even gone until a little while ago. It has been suffering since the first snowfall in November and has been slowly falling apart ever since. At Christmas it was getting forced and as the New Year progressed it weakened daily. Wednesday it was hit hard after accompanying my Dad and his wife to the ER because they were both very sick. And seeing how they were treated as a burden to the staff and sent home instead of being admitted for the care they really needed. Thursday it took quite a blow at the news of the death of a person I cherished dearly, even though we were never really close. As a matter of fact it probably started with the death of her son a few months ago. And yesterday after visiting my Dr. for the umpteenth time for the illness I have had for the last month, being told I had pneumonia, and the trip to the hospital for blood tests and scheduling for a CT scan of my lungs, must have finally done it in.

Humor was preceded by Innocence, Childhood Dreams and Work Ethics. And is survived by Depression, Self Pity and Laziness. Grieving friends include Smile, Laughter and Ambition.

Services are pending.
Donations of jokes, witticisms and cartoons are welcomed.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

STOP! Who are you? What have you done to Grey Wolf??!!

Oh. I see. It's Sir Winter Doldrums come to call. drats!

He is so not welcome. He brings all sorts of unwanted mischied wherever he goes.

Well at least he only stays for a short time, in that window between the New Year and the first signs of blessed Spring.

Hang in there GW. I'm thinking positive thoughts and sending you hugs and love your way. Please feel better soon, and toss Sir Winter Doldrums out on his fat arse! :P


ps, please drop me a line or two (or three, even) if you want to 'talk'. I've been told I'm a pretty good listener.
And heck, I've got plenty of time, what with me stuck in bed 24/7 watching my leg go up....and down...and up...and down about a million times a day. LOL! :D

Margaret's Ramblings said...

I just read this on someones blog (it might bring smile, LOL ).
A teacher was taking a class of 16 year olds and they were discussing what you needed to become the President of America. One girl put up her hand and said, "you have to be a natural born American citizen and be over 35", The teacher was just going to congratulate her on getting the answer right when she finished with, "but I don't understand. I was born by Cascarian Section, why does that make me less qualified".

Out of the mouths of babes, as they say.

Take care, the sun will still come up tomorrow with new challenges. Margaret

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry to hear you're feeling down Dad. But really, with all that has been going on lately, it is completely normal and justified. Relax, rest up, HEAL up....cuz you have two grandbabies who miss their papa and want him "all better." Give my love to Aunt B and Uncle J, it's been a hard year for them. xoxoxox

warren said...

Hibernation my friend. I don't think we were really built to be awake during the winter. Get well...

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hey'd your CT scan go? I felt badly after our chat this morning...I didn't even know you had this planned for today until you were saying goodbye and mentioned it - almost in passing. Take care of yourself, Mr. G...we all worry about you and want you feeling back to your chipper, enthusiastic self. If there's anything I can do, please let me know. You know where I am. :-) :-) :-)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh yeah...p.s.: Is it inappropriate if I tell you I laughed at this eulogy of yours? It was really very funny. Well done, you...even though you're feeling humorless and physically poor, you still managed to put this one out there. :-)

GreyWolf said...

Lisa: Yes, Sir W.D. has been around too Darn long.

Margaret: Thanks for the smile.

Ang: I'll try, hug them kids for me and tell them Papa misses them. I will let B & J know.

Danni: Yeah, I know where you are and where you are going too!!! ;)
And I am glad that you got a chuckle out of it as I was trying to lighten it up. I haven't been too responsive lately, but I have been keeping up with my friends blogs. I just wanted everyone to know I was still here, and why I haven't been very active in Blogland.

deserthorses5 said...

If you are tired and want to see some sunshine, come visit my desert horses blog. I also have 6 other "sunny" (desert-related) ones that are all linked there. Here's my addy: Pneumonia is no fun. I've had it three times myself and now I always get bronchitis a couple of times a year. The minute I get a cold from the kids (my students), I get bronchitis for 6-8 weeks! Ergh!