Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Fourth of the Fourth Photo

After seeing Warren's open invitation to do a fourth photo from your fourth photo folder, I thought HEY. that's an easy blog subject! And since I like many others have been having "the after the holidays blogging blues", jumped at the chance for an easy blog. Until I checked my fourth album. (Hey, it's not your fault Warren)
I immediately decided to choose a different folder!!!
I was BLUE enough without opening another can of worms.
Then the more I thought about it I decided not to even do a 4th of the 4th.
I have been mulling this over for a few days, and decided that since I was already depressed I figured I might as well turn it into a tribute to my nephew Chuck.

Here is the 4th of the 4th photo

My son Eric, nephew Chuck and his brother Jason over 20 years ago.

JV Football

Varsity Football

Senior prom
After Completing High School Chuck found work and Went to an art school in Pittsburg, Penn. He was interested in doing animae type art. After 1 year of art school he returned home and back to work. He eventually decided to join the Army to get his act together.

He excelled in military life. He joined the Artillery and after 9-11 he was deployed to Kuwait as part of the 3rd Infantry Division and was with them in the push to Bagdad.
Here is his Paladin crew.
After his tour of duty in Iraq, the horrors of war weighted heavily on him. Chuck found a girlfriend and decided not to become a career military man, but to settle down and get married.
Chillin' on leave.
But 2 weeks before his enlistment ran out Chuck was re-deployed to Iraq. He was dreading this happening, but never-the-less was proud to return and do his duty.
1 week before Chuck was to come home on leave, we recieved news that he was killed in an IED explosion in Iraq.
A memorial service in Iraq.

His resting place at home, next to his grandparents.

Although Chuck has been gone for over 3 1/2 years, we still miss him daily.
He was a very bright star that vanished too soon. Along with so many others.

We pray for all of the servicemen and women and wish them a safe return, and thank them for their service to us and our country.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I am crying for this loss of such a smart, handsome, devoted man whose future lay just out of his grasp, GW. My heart aches for you and his family, his girlfriend. So very sad.

Thanks for sharing this, GW. I can only imagine what a huge gaping hole Chucks has left behind in your heart.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tribute dad. I miss him every day. xoxo

Reddunappy said...

We have two in the Air Force, our daughter goes to Iraq in April, she is a weather forcaster, I hope that puts her in a safer place, she said they are considered intell.
It is so hard to loose them, I hope the family is coping ok.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I'm so sorry for your family's - and the world's - loss of Chuck. I recall very well the posts that Angie has written about his life (and death). The first time I read about Chuck, my brother-in-law, Rob, was in Iraq on his second tour of duty and our family was so scared.
The men and women in the armed forces have given up so much for our country, they deserve to be honored every single day.

Country Girl said...

What a wonderful tribute to your nephew! So very sad for your family to loose him, I cannot even imagine.

frugalmom said...

Im so sorry that you are feeling down. I remember Ang writing posts about this young much she missed him and how he was such a great person.

Big hugs to you and all your family.

warren said...

So sorry for your loss and his sacrifice, but so thankful for his willingness. A very nice tribute.

GreyWolf said...

Lisa: Your words sum it up very well, Thank You.

Ang: I know you do.

Reddunappy: Two children in the military! You must be so proud, and a nervous wreck. I wish them both well and Thank them for me.

Danni: Thank You and THANK Rob for me. And I agree that our servicemen & women need more recognition, daily!

Kim: Thank You, sometimes it's the sympathy of others that helps the most.

Marcee: Thank You. I'll try to cheer up.

Warren: Thank You, and Thanks for the opportunity.

Reddunappy said...

I will thank them greywolf, I am very proud of them, our son is moving to a different job with homeland security division. he hasnt heard if/when he will go over yet. our daughter is in her fourth year now, and he is going on his second year enlisted. LOL Big brother followed little sister into the AF.