Monday, January 19, 2009

Siberian Elms = TIMBER!!!!!

Or maybe I should say FIREWOOD.

These trees are a nuisance around here! If a leaf or branch hits the ground, it GROWS. They are a very fast growing and prolific tree. For many years I have been calling them Chinese Elms and it wasn't until just a few seconds ago I found out their true name, via the Internet.

Anyway, I have been telling my son to come over sometime before the sap starts running and cut down some of the larger of the many of these trees, so that I will have a jump start on seasoning them for next winters firewood. Yesterday he came over to do just that, and he brought my ex son-in-law Tim with him. They also brought their dogs along to visit Harley and Bear. About the time of their arrival, Angie's husband Eric showed up with Aden and Ethan. He was going to plow my driveway and pick up an old computer I had here to try out since theirs wasn't working. But my son Eric and Tim had already plowed it.

Aden & Ethan hadn't seen the Tim's dogs for about 9 months, neither had Wifey or myself. Bear and Harley hadn't seen them either. So it was quite a homecoming for Dixie and Rebel (Harley's sister and brother). At first they were all moving too fast to get any good photo's of but I did manage to get a few.

SIL Eric, Eric, Ethan, Aden

Aden & Dixie

Rebel & Dixie & Ethan
Grandma has her hands full.
Rebel Loves Grandma

Off and running.
After the grand kids left I started making chili for supper as the boys played lumberjacks. After supper we sat around talking.
Dixie and Rebel couldn't get enough Grandma love.
Eric and Kane did a little playing.
Bear had to get his share of attention from Tim.

And Harley was all pooped out, hiding under the table.
This morning I took these photos of some of the work the guys did.
Can you see the bird IN the bird feeder?
We have a couple of Chick-a-dees that do this trick and it drives the other birds crazy.
These guys are waiting patiently for their turn at breakfast.
Shhhh, quiet, the sun is peeking out.
Drats, it heard you, now it's gone again!!!
And it's SNOWING!!!!


Country Girl said...

Smart little birdie you have there!

warren said...

I love family reunions! Did you work your sons like dogs though? It looks like a "dog's day"!

GreyWolf said...

Kim, yes they are and really quite tame, they recognise me as their food provider and sometimes flutter about me as I refill the feeder. I have had these same few chickadees for years or maybe their kids, because out of the 50-60 of the regular chickadees only a couple know how to do this trick.

Warren: YES I did work them like dogs and treated their dogs like kids. We had a great time while the boys were slaving away.
And after it warms up..if ever..I will get them back to help cut it up and split it too! Hopefully they will bring my Grand-Dogs back then too.
BTW Ang said Thank You for the offer, but she cannot get on to your blog to thank you herself. The dinosaur I gave her won't load the site, and since it is so old it cannot hook up to her high speed provider.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! What a clever bird!

I enjoyed all the doggie jamboree photos. Everyone looked like they were having a great time :)

I wouldn't mind having some of those Siberian Elms around here. Trees must be tough and hardy to survive around here. Most of our trees are juniper, pinon, and ponderosa. I'd love to have some deciduous trees that could hold their own...and even create their own.