Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For Danni and Warren

Danni pay attention, this part is for you.
These guys were born 38 days ago and today they were weighed.
a Buff Orphington
thats 14 1/8 oz.
an Isa Brown
thats 15 1/8 oz.
this Americana is 1 lb. 2 3/8 oz.
It was so traumatized at being outside for the fist time that it never moved from this spot. Or maybe it was hearing it's weight that traumatized it.

And finally a Vantress Cross or "Meat Blob", this is the smallest one, the scale maxed out on the first one we tried, so it weighed more than 5 1/2 pounds!! This one only weighs 4 lb. 7 1/2 oz.

Now Warren, you said that you wanted photos from the Dillon's Day Fish Fry. So here you go.
My sister.

My cousin. He is working on the "LOOK".

My OLDER brother and cook for the day.

My son.

Oh, wait....did you want pictures of all of the food?
Sorry, my bad.
I was too busy filling my face to even THINK about photos.
But I do have something for ya.
The day before Memorial Day, we were invited to meet at a park in downtown Unionville for a dedication service for my nephew Chuck. Well we were told the wrong day, however here is a photo of the memorial in the park.

The pathway to the marker is paved with stones engraved with the names of local servicemen.
Due to privacy matters I deliberatly made this photo out of focus.
Also in the park is this bell in it's own little pavillion. I wish I had some history of it for you, I have no idea whether it was a school, church or firebell.
But it was inscribed with this.
So if you ever get in the neighborhood, here is a bell for the licking!!!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wonderful and precise information, Gary - I love it! And see, you could've just said, "Wow, the Vantress Cross bird is 4x the weight of my layer hens" and we all would've been left wondering just how much that was. See the power of details and specifics? I feel so fulfilled right now. lol
Loved all the pics of your family..I can totally see the resemblance between you and your brother! But hey...don't you have a daughter, too?


Anonymous said...

danni-it is uncanny the resemblence between my dad and uncle john. And I'm ignoring that last bit... ;)

dad-Great pics. I cannot believe how well behaved those chicks are! You'll never get warren up here, he's been southern sissified! ;)

GreyWolf said...

Danni: Me? a daughter? Hmm, now let me see...Yes I do...there are photos of her in my previous blog!!
And yes I learned all about being specific from a certain blogging friend of mine.
Also I see no resemblance between us at all, you see my sister and I were adopted...well OK I was adopted, she was just left on the doorstep and dad felt sorry for the little tyke. SNIRT

Ang:I think that Danni is under the impression we are related!!!
You mean you STILL haven't told her about the scam? I mean I have been playing along for quite a while but don't you think that it is about time to tell her the truth?
Oh well, I'll keep playing along as long as you want..I'm just saying....
snirt Snirt SNORT!!!
And if Warren can survive a trip to Cleveland, OHIO. Then he can certainly make the trip here too.
I mean if he can make it to see Billy and Elton then he should be thrilled to come here and stop by the hometowns of Louis Armstrong, Eminem, All of the Motown Greats, Stevie Wonder, and even the home of Pres. Gerald Ford. (he is such a President fan). And there is my hometown hero asronaught Brewster Shaw, and then there is you and me of course, the ONLY reason to come to Michigan!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I tried to tell her we weren't REALLY related..but she doesn't seem to believe me...I cannot imagine why! ;)

And I'm so glad you mentioned Eminem in that list of MI greats. He's sure to make the trip now! LOL

warren said...

That one chicken...she's just big boned!

Now Cleveland was an awful place. The farther I got from the Mason-Dixon line, the worse it can you stand it so far North?!

Nice bell anyhow!

GreyWolf said...

Warren: I guess us Yankee's are just a hardier breed for cold weather. However we do tend to wilt in the south with all of that heat and humidity. But if you ever need to learn how to build an igloo, I'm here for ya.
BTW us Northerners won't even go to Cleveland! Talk about a wreck~ it's the armpit of Ohio.