Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Happened to JUNE?

Ok, I know that I am getting OLD, and I have been BUSY, But did they shorten this month and not tell me? Now that I am RETIRED, time is just flying by. I cannot keep tract of what day it is, I know, but somehow it seems that someone has been stealing days off of the calendar.

I know that I have spent a few days butchering chickens and re-designing the interior of the chicken coop. A few more gardening and lumbering. And wasted a few at the Dr.s and shopping.

And then there was Father's Day and my Birthday. And some time helping my son remodel a room, and then Owen's birth. But surely there had to be less than 30 days used up.

And what happened to all of the fishing I had planned???

Yes, there were rainy days and too hot and too HUMID days, and days that you didn't DARE go outside because of mosquitoes and other biting bugs, but somehow it doesn't seem possible that this month is GONE.

My canoe hasn't seen any water but rain and dew, and my fishing poles have been moved from the car to the shed and have cobwebs and dust all over them.

My Grandson Ethan has been having fits because we haven't gone fishing yet! And I PROMISED him we would go!!!

Well that tear's it...Grandpa had better get his sh--stuff together!

The next nice day we get if the conditions are right, I have GOT to get him fishing. Everything else will have to wait.

Grandpa WILL NOT go back on his promise.


Anonymous said...

I know, I'm still trying to reconcile myself with the fact that it is 2009, and the year's half over....insane!!

Maybe you'll get him there before his birthday anyway, huh? :)

warren said...

We've felt the same way. It rained like a friggin' tropical rain forest here in WV. Consequently, we were stuck indoors waaaay too much. Ugh! Here's hoping for a good July and August!