Friday, June 5, 2009

R is for Recycling & Rabbit Pens

Todays job was to construct an outdoor rabbit pen for the Easter bunnies and their mother.
Room is running short in the chicken coop and I still haven't started on the addition yet.
But the weather is getting warmer and the bunnies need more room, plus mama rabbit is getting tired of sharing her small pen. So today was dedicated to moving the rest of the rabbits outside.
I got the chance to recycle some cabinet hinges and door pulls, hardware cloth and chicken wire and wifey dismantled the chick brooder to recycle somee of the wood for the covers. The frame was made from splitting 2x4's and held together with some drywall screws I recycled from my sons bedroom remodeling job.

After we finished the build, Wifey thought it would be good blog material and went and got the camera. Of course I had to ham it up for Warren.....

No splinters, but a nasty pine aftertaste...

Hey, it's all good.....

And bunnies and mom all enjoying the new rooms.
Then wifey just had to clean out the chicken coop so she could rearrange things.

While she was occupied, I grabbed the camera.

You can see her through the window shoveling rabbit sh...."smartening pills".

In her favorite John Deere tee shirt no less.
"Have you seen my sunglasses? I had them earlier and now I can't find them anywhere."

"Yes Dear, I can see them from here. And you should be wearing a dust mask in there."

Tomorrow it's shopping and yard sales in the morning. And planting more garden in the afternoon, hopefully before the rains hit.

And for all of you "RED GREEN" fan's out there, you'll notice that I didn't have to use any Handy Man's Helper "duct tape" at all on this project. So it can be done. And just remember, "I'm pulling for ya guys, .....we're all in this together!"


warren said...

Not only did you do the lick but you did a great thumbs up too! Well done! I am a little disappointed that you didn't find someplace to use some duct tape're making me look bad!

GreyWolf said...

Warren: I was saving the duct tape for my next machete cut and the addition to the chicken coop.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! You're such a crack up. Thanks for the laugh.
The new rabbit hutch looks great!


Anonymous said...

You crack me up dad!! LOL No more machette cuts!! Sheesh! That dillon klutz thing really kicks in in the later years huh? If that's the case....I'm never gonna make it!!!