Sunday, December 28, 2008

How Different!!!!

This was the morning of Dec.21

This was yesterday Dec. 27

This was today Dec. 28

This was the afternoon of Dec. 21. Blizzard snows and 30mph winds.

This was again the afternoon of Dec. 21

This was today. What a difference 1 week makes here in Michigan.
The rain and warmer temps started on Christmas Eve day Dec.24 and continued until it peaked yesterday with rain and 60 degree temps.
Today we have a weather alert for high winds and flooding and temps in the upper 30's with 30-50 mile an hour winds.
Yesterday we mucked out the chicken coop and rabbit pens, and tried not to fall on all of the wet ice. When we got to the coop we discovered that someone had left the male's rabbit pen open. I won't say who it was.....but Wifey says I may remain nameless, but not blameless!!!
We got all 4 male rabbit's back in their pen with out too much trouble. And I finally installed the hinges on the top of their pen and wired the feeders to the sides of the cages so they can no longer tip them over. Now I need to figure out a way to keep the waterers more stable so they can't be knocked off either. The only feeders and waterers we could find have real poor design for attachment to the cages.
Today we stacked firewood after hauling in what we could. We have used over half of the 4 face cords we had delivered on Dec. 5.
That's over $130 for 23 days. I guess I will need to cut a lot of wood this spring to season for next year. At least 5 full cords. I don't think I have enough trees to fill that order.
Three days ago Morris went out and hasn't returned. His brothers Merlin and Fraidy Freddy miss him almost as much as Wifey does. Today I drove down the road in both directions looking for any signs of him and found none. I hope he is just out "catting around" and didn't become coyote chow.


frugalmom said...

Isnt this some crazy weather? We were at my inlaws yesterday, here in Illinois, and it was 72 degrees there. Windy as all get out and a tornado watch, to boot, but was just weird.

GreyWolf said...

Maude: Yes it has been a very strange winter so far. Poor Dorothy must still be without power since I haven't seen any sign of her in blogland.

Country Girl said...

Sounds like Maine weather. Crazy isn't it? To bad you didn't live closer. John sold 2 cord today....trying to pay off that tractor. Happy New Year ;) ~Kim

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looks like the Great Thaw at your place. And wow. Such a big rise in temps, too.
So, the boy bunnies weren't able to get in with the girl bunnies, right?

I hope Morris shows up soon. My grouchy tuxedo cat, Oreo, who insisted on being an outdoor kitty a couple months ago, showed up limping with a swollen foot yesterday. I heard a huge commotion outside my bathroom window the night before. Sounded like coyotes had found some food.

My belief is that they found Oreo and chased him into a juniper tree. Terrified Oreo scrambled up that tree and tore out a dewclaw and posibly sprained his poor little paw.

I'm grateful that he didn't end up a coyote snack, but we may have to take him to the vet if the swelling doesn't go down on it's own. He's eating and drinking, peeing and pooping and being his normal grouchy self and his gums are nice and pink, and he's convalescing with me. What a pair we make. lol!

New Mexico